West better than the east......?

Does anyone else think its pathetic that if the riders win tonite that for teams in the west would be tied for or in first place in the East. Kinda makes ya wonder because the best team is on the west coast and then they get progressively worse as they go east.

........hmmmmm, I think my good buddy 3/10 is gonna have an issue with that statement......

Maybe so this year but last year was the opposite.
4 of the 5 western teams would have been in 4th place or worst in the east.
So what is your point beside bad spelling

........if we're into geographical analysis of the CFL standings I believe the more accurate way of asessing this is as follows........place Sault Ste. Marie on a pivot point and then spin the country in a clockwise direction........the orbit formed by the various CFL cities around this centrepoint will correspond to their power rankings with close orbits being ranked lower than orbits further away from the centrepoint........see what post secondary education gets you 'tothebone, the ability for freethought and cognitive thinking......

.......PS........even though the above theory is full of crap I bet you're thinking about it aren't you?!........

Wow. I admit I thought about it. And my conclusion was: "how come he can think of things like that while being sober?"

That is because I assume you are at your job, so you'd be sober.

And that is because I assume you are sober when at the office.


Here are some historical numbers to consider:


  • BC Lions 8-7-1; 4th place in West (miss playoffs)
  • Hamilton Tiger Cats 8-7-1; 1st place in East (Win EDF, Lose Grey Cup)


  • Saskatchewan 9-7; 4th place in West (miss playoffs)
  • Calgary 6-1; 5th place in West (miss playoffs)
  • Ottawa 5-11; 2nd place in East (Win 2 playoff games; lose Grey Cup)
  • Montreal 3-13; 3rd place in East (Lose semi-final to Ottawa)


  • BC 9-7; 4th place in West (miss playoffs)
  • Sask 6-9-1; 5th place in West (miss playoffs)
  • Ham 8-7-1; 2nd place in East (lose semi-final)
  • Ottawa 5-11; 3rd place in East (win semi-final; lose final)


  • Calgary 11-7; 4th place in West
  • Toronto 10-8; 1st place in East
    This year, the West had 4 teams in the playoffs; 2 first-round games. The East, Toronto / Hamilton played a 2-game total points series, which Hamilton won.

I noticed you said at the office nad not while working

First of all Third. Don't assume he's sober. Or that he's at work. Or that he even has a job. And I tried to think about it but my brain couldn't digest all of the info. I had this image of Canada in my mind and it started swirling in a circle and I woke up a few minutes later in a daze.

I don't think geographical placement has much to do with it. Other than maybe the weather they get at games.

When Canada started swirling in my head, the image morphed to Dairy Queen's maple swirl something... and now I've got craving for ice cream.

Damn you R&W.

Ice Cream

........Gnaak Gnaak Gnaak.......

WOW! :shock:
Here's the full standings for that year:
Look at the rest of the west:
Edmonton Eskimos 13-4-1
British Columbia Lions 12-6
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11-7
Calgary Stampeders 11-7
Saskatchewan Roughriders 6-11

It's actually ironic that Hamilton [9-8] beat Edmonton for the Cup

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Allot of this , also has to do with the sched : as well.....total points can be mis leading.

just an example......would EDMONTON , be so high in the standings......if they had played the ARGOS / MONTREAL/ B.C........2 times already.?

Or had 3 games with only 4 days rest.....ect....those kind of things.