West and East are wide open this year!

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With all due respect to my Riders, both the East and West are wide open this year.
After games so far, all that has been proven is that pretty much any team (excepting Hamilton) can beat any other team. The West appears stronger. Even if the Riders go 5-0 their wins were tough. Calgary is scary on offence as is Edmonton and B.C. at times. The East is a real crap shoot now with Winnipeg winning and Montreal losing. Even Hamilton with a couple of wins is right back in the mix. I believe the word is PARITY. Great games mostly fitting for a GREAT LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saskatchewan Roughriders = Grey Cup Champs
RIDERS RULE (for now!!!!!)


Yeah the regular season and the play offs are 2 different beasts.

Realistically its the last month of the regular season that really has an impact on performances in the playoffs. There is still something to be said for having a buy week as well.

It's great though, isn't it?

Makes for some thrilling games...right down to the wire, where anyone can take it and it ain't over 'till it's over.

It almost makes all this stuff meaningless...the true test will be in the stretch.

Love the CFL.