West against West a joke

I know it’s only a possibility, but this possibility should never arise. For me the Grey Cup it’s the East against the West. I hope one day this rule will change. Two teams in the same division playing for the Grey Cup is a joke.

Others believe that there should be a ladder instead of two divisions for a league of this size. Either way, Ottawa's coming.

No way, I love how it could be anything, although east and west happens pretty much all the time (even grey cups with two techincally west teams were consided east and west matchups). The fact that you could get an All west or All East Grey Cup one day is great, and that should never be changed.

Its the best system cuz it the best of both worlds.

I think the current system is great the way it is. Tables are heavily tilted towards an East-West final, but at the same time the post-season isn't a guarantee for the second-worst team in each division (and the bottom two teams in the league don't advance).

The BC Lions being the Eastern Champs would be hilarious. LOL

Yeah it would be fun. Similar to the Atlanta Braves playing in the old National League West.... and 'Cincinnati' (my favourite word to misspell over and over again.)

That's the only draw back, which could easy be fixed if the winner of the east stadnings was the east champ, same for the west.

I think before that changes though, we have to have one sistuation where one east/west team is the other's champion.

thats what happens when you have an eastern division that sucks all the time, I like west Vs west does not bother me one bit.

Most people in BC are transplanted easterners anyways, really. I like the current system but if we went with no divisions, fine by me. Yup, west vs west, really, that's cool.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1981_CFL_season#Regular_Season_Standings]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1981_CFL_s ... _Standings[/url]

^This is why the crossover rule is necessary. It's a bigger joke to have a 3-13 team in the playoffs.

yep, never again I say!

Bah.. it's ok. .the Cats will take care of that pesky crossover next week!!... it's all good!!

If the Lions get within 21 points next week they will be lucky with the injury plagued problems they have at the qb position.

No, they just had to play Montreal more times than the Western teams had too :lol:

The 5 - 11 Rough Riders nearly won the Grey Cup. Wow. Both the Green Riders (from back when it made sense to use that term!) and the Stamps had better records than everyone in the East except the Ti-Cats. Brutal.

East and West need to be to the Grey Cup to have good TV ratings. Historicallly The Grey cup is a canadian championship not Eastern or a Westurn one. You don't see in other pro sports (the NFL, NHL or MBA for exemple) a championship in the same division.

Those other leagues have far more teams than the CFL. Having the 39-43 Pistons in the playoffs wasn't that bad... having the 4-14 Argonauts would've been absolutely terrible!

...and what year will they be leaving?

and one of the few teams that could beat Montreal too!!

With BC's injury situation, I would not sweat that possibility this year. I see the Al's with an easy victory over Calgary in the Grey Cup! Only three teams have beat them this year, and of those team's that beat the Al's to challenge them again:

BC, too many injuries
Bombers are out
EE, that was just a fluke win

So I say smooth sailing as long as the Al's show up. Pretty nice odds if you ask me!