Wes Lysak to the Stamp Fans!

I thought I would share this with everyone. Wes chats with the fans on gostampsgo.com

Hello all and Happy New Year to you. Hope you all had as good a christmas as I did. Lets get right down to it;

I beleive thr fist questions was about my reaction when I was first traded to winnipeg. I was upset no doubt but it was kind of mixted emotions there. I was happy to be heading back to my home town in winnipeg but was really upset about leaving the team and city that I really fell in love with. We had really built something special on defence and that's what I was most upset about.

Next, locker room change? Ya I noticed a change but I think that had most to do with winning and being in a playoff hunt. But also a big part of that comes from the top and trickles down. And obviously there is a huge change with the ownership and coaching staff in a positive way. Adding all these quality poeple to the organization made a great club even that much better. A big part of why I resigned.

My role, the most asked question any where I go?? And very understanding why it would be. When I got here Tom told me that things were going very good and they were, we're on a role and heading to the playoffs. So he didn't want to rock the boat, and I understood and agreed fully. It was tough no doubt but it was what was best for the team and our success. Now, I am a starter in this league absolutely and would of had the oppurtunity to go to FA and do that for alot of other teams. So my decision to stay shows that I will have a role on this team. I am excited about what Denny has planned for me. Trey is a heck of a player and you wont see his role decrease, I don't think. You'll see both of us doing alot of different things. Stay tunned!

I have not moved back to Calgary just yet, I might in the future but just don't know yet. I will train as I always do. I am a strength and conditionong coach myself in the off season and have a whole program that I have put together and tweaked over the last few years.

Again, I am happy to be back and look forward to the up coming season back in the red and white. There is no doubt in my mind, and I am not just saying this, we will be the team to beat this year. And good luck to everyone trying.


...good luck Wes.....I sure liked the way you play the game.....hard hitting...... I know you left the Peg. probably with mixed feelings.....you are now with a solid club and looking forward to a better year than you had with the Bombers in 05.....we're certainly looking forward to a better year as well...rumours abound Juran Bolden will return to the Blue and Gold...and if it is true I am sure you know what his kind of defensive play will lend to the Bombers....Looking forward to playing you and the Stamps in 06...goodluck... :wink:

Pappa if you wish to talk with Wes he is on the gostampsgo site

....thought you might pass my sentiments along.. red...I'll probably see him when he returns to the Peg....for sure at the game... :arrow:

good luck Wes! I look forwand to the Bombers kicking you butt next season!


........pfft.......in your world maybe........

KK you are toooooooo funny those depends are not to be worn on your head and it looks a bit tight!

going back to the Black eyed peas post are we, eh?

god that was funny while it lasted.

No it wasn't. Not funny at all. Disturbing and inappropriate, maybe.....but not funny.....

Maybe to YOU! but I was laughing all the way to Atlanta until I was told I'd be kicked off if I did it again. then I wised up.

hope wes does better with the stamps then he did with the bombers......on second thought hope he sucks......great to see he likes to get down with the common folk in the chat room...he really is a quality dude.