Wes Cates

Is it just me or does Wes seem slow and tentative when he's approaching the line of scrimmage? I sure hope our running game improves in time for the playoffs. Let's hope Wes can get over 150 yards in the next 2 games so he's not the only starting tailback in the CFL to not break 1000 yards rushing.

I really don't know what is going on with Cates. A lot of times I think it's play callling but there are plays where it looks like he could hit a hole but doesn't. I know Cates is a good back so I can't see him losing it just like that, I believe he can pick it up for playoff time.

We have not run well against BC all year. This one was our best effort of the 4.

Perhaps his running is a bit tentative because the off season shoulder surgery has not fully healed? In any event I'm willing to bet a beer that Wes will go for broke in the playoffs.

yeah i noticed that he's runing slow and not with alot of confidence, not sure what is up they need him to pick up his game and become another threat especially with playoffs coming

I think it's more of the fact that Cates isn't getting the quick little dump passes as much as he used too and every Cates play has become very predictable. For some reason they keep sending him right up the middle when everybody and their dead relatives can tell it's coming too. It drives me nuts when they use Cates for short little 1-2 yard plays when they have a tank like Szarka that can hit the line and fall for 2 yards, Szarka is a pounder, Cates is a bouncer. The fault lies in the offensive coordinator more then with Cates by not giving Cates plays that compliment his skills. That being said, it seems the 3rd quarter lulls seem to go along with more handoffs to Cates to pound up the middle.

Cates is a one speed power back who shows great patience waiting for his blocking ( which sometimes just isn't there) . He has great hands and blocks for DD very well.

Against BC. He,
Caught a nice 20 yard pass over the middle in coverage,
Was used once ( ? ) on a slllllooooowwww developing screen. Could of been sweet, all receivers held their blocks, Cates had room, but DD got hesitant, and Cates got swarmed.........NEED to use Cates on more screens.

Way too much 1ST and 10, shotgun draws to Cates........He doesn't have the wheels to hit the holes when he's 5 yards deep.
more off-tackle.
more twin backs.
more creativity from LaPolice.
Maybe the O-line is still gelling on the run blocking.
Maybe I don't have a clue either.....

That's right. Cates never had a great burst, and he isn't faster after three years of pounding. I also don't believe our run blocking is as good as it has been. He was generally carrying guys to get 4-5 yards a carry Saturday.

Having said that, in the 4th quarter, once near our goal line and once on the tying drive, he made two absolutely spectacular blitz pick ups that allowed Durant to throw tha ball. On the second one, he came all the way across the formation and stood up the blitzing LB. Those plays don't show up as stats for Cates, but without them we probably lose.

if Our run blocking was better than it is now, he'd be doing a lot better.

but we have definitely moved away from a running team more towards a passing team! which to me is absolutely fine!

but we need that solid running game when the playoffs come around.

Game 5 - 34 Passing plays - 16 Rushing Plays
Game 6 - 28 Passing - 15 Rushing
Game 7 - 32 Passing - 32 Rushing
Game 8 - 26 Passing - 15 Rushing
Game 9 - 37 Passing - 23 Rushing
Game 10 - 37 Passing - 27 Rushing
Game 11 - 34 Passing - 18 Rushing
Game 12 - 29 Passing - 21 Rushing
Game 13 - 26 Passing - 11 Rushing
Game 14 - 23 Passing - 27 Rushing
Game 15 - 41 Passing - 19 Rushing
Game 16 - 42 Passing - 21 Rushing

I wouldn't say we've moved away from a rushing team -- we consistantly get our backs their touches.

We forgot to mention in here that yes wes is dead last in the league for rushing but every game hes got atleast 10 blocks that open us up for some nice passing!!!! Wes is the man it would be a shame to lose him for some small RB with breakout speed I love having the mosnter that can do it all!!!!!

I am not questioning Wes's other attributes or suggesting that he should be replaced. I was just wondering if there was an explanation for his lackluster rushing performances. I'm just hope he's in fine rushing form for the playoffs because an improvement in our running game could help do away with some of those 3rd quarter duldrums our offence seem to fall into.

It's funny how night and day the run game is from last year. Last year Cates carried the team in the first half of the season, this year he's sort of been forgotten. One thing I think he is better at then any other back is catching the ball downfield, he has excellent hands and doesn't look out of place running routes and making spectacular catches. It's too bad we don't use him more downfield.

Well, if you read the above posts regarding his pass blocking/blitz pick-ups, it makes much more sense why he's kept in the backfield more often than he's sent out as a receiver.

yeah but remember back in the day when we were a running team?

we led the league in rushing yard for like 2 or 3 seasons...

that's what I meant. :slight_smile:

What happened to Charles? He was pretty good in Cates' absence at the beginning of the season?

After todays game I think Wes Cates should be relegated to a back up role. He has nothing left. We've got Stu Foord, Neal Hughes and Chris " The Coucillman" Szarka - let's use these guys. Wes has had enough opporunity this year and if we don't get a running game going our QBs are going to be sacked a lot like they were today because Hamilton knew we couldn't run the football. Our chances in the playoffs are not good if we don't get the running game going.

Wes Cates. 5 for 18 =3.6 avg...........one of those was for 10.
Ti-Cats ranked 7Th against the run.5.6 per. 124 game

The Riders running game seems an after thought. Run the same old plays with the same old results , always leaving us in a 2ND and long passing situation.

What is even the point of running the ball 5 times in a game.

LaPolice needs to have a V-8 and wake the $%^# up.

second that someone give me LaPolice's address and I will fedex him a case of V-8 I saw right through the offence today oh draw to cates oh passing with a fake every play was from shotgun