Wes Cates

There hasn't been a Wes Cates thread. This is long overdue. Over 1000 yards in Game 11. 11 TDs. Our leading reciever (unless Dressler passed him with this game). They guy has been holding our offence together all season. Kudos to him.

Note: Mentioning KK is forbidden in this thread. This is for Wes.

he should be used more tonight too.

Amazing football player and person.

The guy is our MOP. He needs to get the ball more right from the start of every game.

I'm breaking your rule.

I'll take Wes over KK anyday! His attitude, and professionalism is great :slight_smile: (from what i see in BC) - Wes, if you read this. YOU THE MAN! We more than appreciate all you do for the team, club, organization et tout! I hope you stick around for a while. An ALL purpose back, that does it all and gets it all handled.. TCB baby!

Cates > Keith

I would also like to point out that I thought Wes Cates would be the league leader in rushing this year at the beginning of the season. I have a Cates jersey coming, and I am really excited.

I think Cates would really be running away with the rushing lead right now if we hadn't lost so many receivers and had to rely so heavily on him.

He was racking up the rushing yards at a more prolific rate when we still had a dangerous aerial assault, which hopefully with these new guys and a healthy Dressler will become true again.