Wes Cates Player of the Week

Personally, I thought Burris deserved the award more. But oh well. They're just weekly awards.

And Cates better have one hell of a game tomorrow because I think Lumsden wrapped up the award for this week. :lol:

I dont think Lumsden will be topped he played an amazing game

All they'll do is give him Canadian of the week if someone comes close :slight_smile: Look what happened last year when Fantuz had that game with 240'ish receiving yards, didn't win offensive player of the week.

You may be right. Ray could give him a run for his money. 448 yards and 3 TDs.

Nope, Lumsden (most likely) Ray or Campbell got that in the bag already,

He was talking about week 1.

What is your problem Austin.

By the way offensive potw picks don’t usually get bonus points for blocking. They get selected for their total offensive output.

But if you think it was a great game or just a very good game you go right ahead and believe that.

i was replying to teh part where he said “there is always next week”

OK, so I just can't read properly. :lol:

But I think as soon as I can make changes to my team, I'm dropping either Smith or Roberts and taking Cates. The guy is racking up serious fantasy points and it's pissing me off that I'm missing out.

I might also drop Geroy is Jackson is going to be quarterbacking all season, and I think I'll take Fantuz.