Wes Cates Player of the Week

My vote for offensive player of the week. What an awesome performance. That over the shoulder catch was unbelievable what with the Edmonton defender taking his head off like he did.

The whole team stepped up and made the plays to put Edmonton away. The defense really kept Edmonton at bay allowing no TD's. It's a long season but Saturday sure was a good start.

Did you see him rip the ball away from Crandell on the pass option? Crandell didn't expect it, Wes confirmed later he just ran up and took it away and ran it in. Cates was H-U-N-G-R-Y!!!!!!!!

Darn rights he deserves the OP of the week.

He gets my vote as well. He basically won the game for us, with timely plays in the 2nd half.

I agree with you all 100%. But no question the award will go to Anthony Calvillo for his milestone and the drama behind his return or for no real reason, Henry "the media loves me" Burris. Cates will get ripped off on this one.

I think Calvillo will get it.

I can't see the football gods giving the OPW to Cates either, even though the Riders, offensively, were the most decisive.

If cates doesn't get the offensive players...james johnson better get the defensive player cuz he was hands down the best defender on any team in week one

I disagree. He wasn't even the best Rider defender - both Chick and McKenzie played better.

Chick did play well and McKenzie came out of nowhere to play amazing but neither of them got to int's like Johnson did

Well, Chick's a DE and the McKenzie's a linebacker, so that's hardly a fair statement.

Chick had a sack, a forced fumble, and continually pestered Ray, and McKenzie led Riders in tackles.

So, it's settled, then. For the first time ever, the Riders have a three-way tie for D-POTW.

No. Johnson should not get it. Take your pick from the other two.

Bah...you're no fun...:stuck_out_tongue:

hell i'm just happy we have one player up of a player of the week, defensive or offensive....the fact that we argue which one is a feeling i'm not used to


You called it - AC and HB 1&2. Oh well there is always next week.

Hopefully this just fuel's his tank a bit more for next week.

At least Johnson was acknowledged as runner up!

While Cates did have an good game...he only made two great plays that should be warrented as potw.

James Johnson, I think deserved a little more credit. But the ball didn't come his way a bunch so his tackles were down.

Overall I am not surprised by the decisions.

The Riders won the game. That is more important.

Mike I think Cates had a great game. If you count the blocks he made. Not just the Flick touchdown. But also on many other plays protecting Crandall. I was at the game. I recorded it to. Watching it over Cates made a lot of good blocks. He runs good. And he catches very good.

Mike says it was a good game for Cates. I say very good. But Calvillo was better.

He probably deserved recognition as a runner up, if you watch the Flick TD it's a great block by Cates that springs him free but often times little things like that will get passed over by the more gaudy stats.