Wes Cates Mystery

I can't figure out what is up with his injury. First it is a sore foot then Tuesday they decide to check if it is broken , long after he got hurt. Is this a roster game or is he really out for the final.

The games he missed coincide with some ugly games and without him the leos can ignore the run , no offence to Holmes. No Cates (Healthy) , BC by 17. I have been a 'Rider fan for 40 years, BC is cocky and mouthy but they are also good! Jarius is the only Quarterback they have now, Dickenson is one head bang away from real trouble and Buck Pierce is still hurting.

If anyone can give there opinion on whether Wes will play , let me know.

Wes Cates will not play again this year. The Leader Post today says that it is a stress fracture in his foot. But it looks like Ranek, Holmes and maybe with any luck Szarka will be able to suit up. Hopefully they can carry the load.

What happened to Childs?

Childs is on the roster, but I don't think he has impressed the coaches enough to get more playing time.

With Cates, it sounds like the fracture was not visible by xrays initially because of the location. This last time they finally spotted it.

apparently cates is practising today and wnats to play even with his fracture, not sure how true it is but :S

Give Hughes a shot! He's a bigger guy than Holmes to get those tough yards if Ranek can't go.

Yeah... I know Wes Cates is smart, but if the man does indeed have a stress fracture, he shouldnt play...

I think Rider Brass screwed up here. Szarka and Cates gone, they should have been looking for someone weeks ago. Might as well go with one back and another receiver and hope the O-Line can last 60 minutes. Wonder if Crandell can catch the ball? Just kidding, I think?

Hughes is very capable in place of Szarka and they did bring in Ranek to replace Cates. I thought they did a good job given the time frame.

Yes Cates is out once again but we will have to go once again with Holmes and Ranek, Riders will be okay

If only Shemar Bracey kept himself in football shape...

Shermar Bracey had his shot in May at training camp. I think your comment is too close to doubting the abilities of Henri Childs. I cant honestly believe we've seen the best from him yet and he HAS contributed this year already.

I hope the Riders tinker with the ratio and bring 3 backs(Ranek, Holmes, Childs) to BC. The possibility of one or both of Ranek and Holmes re-aggravating their injuries cant be ignored.

But lets not forget who our number one running back really is...Joseph. I feel he wont have alot of trouble breaking contain this weekend. And that said, his hook slide could draw BIG timely penalties, with those over zealous BC db's looking to make the honor roll.

Has anyone else noticed Kerry's ability to draw flags this season? I mean, either with the slide, or throwing the ball at exactly the right time and absorbing the impending blows of oncoming rushers. What a heady player!!! Just more evidence of this years MOP in my books.


With Cates out AGAIN, put in Neil Hughes. I mean the guy has wheels, and is probably a lot better at blocking then Ranek or Holmes. The reason why our offence had more success with Cates in the backfield, not saying they haven’t had success with him out, was because he could pick up the extra man. The reason why we didn’t put up more points against Calgary was because we didn’t have that back who can block.

Childs can't play. He had an opportunity in the Toronto game to show he belonged. On to many occasions his idea of blocking was going low. Once Toronto figured that, they were going over top of him or bouncing around him. He can't block.

So thats how he got such a high opinion with his coaches and management. Thank you oh wise one. I must apologise as I wasn't informed that you got a job evaluating pro football talent. LOL... needless to say I don't agree at all with your assessment. I'd prefer to side with the braintrust of his employer.


Childs sucks

I think out of the available backs that are healthy I like Hughes the most. Corey is great at catching the ball but he's not a great runner for getting those tough yards and he's a bit banged up.

I was actually impressed with Ranek last game before he got hurt, he had a couple of nice runs up the gut and he giving it his all on special teams.

Im confident that whoever Austin chooses to play will do the job to the best of their abilities.

Typically cflgameanyone, I wouldn't respond to a comment such as yours. But, when two posts above, you said I don't think we have seen the best from him, so I take it this is your assessment as well.

The guy played what the first 3 games of the season....we didn't have an exciting running game.

The guy played most of the Toronto game, had an opportunity to show he belonged. He didn't show nothing. In fact he didn't even start in the play-off game. Both Holmes and Ranek kept him of the field, did he dress?

I suspect he is another Sharmar Bracey a highly rated under acheiver.

It is possible he is just a rookie that has yet to grasp the nuances of Austin's offence. However, when you bring in a guy who hasn't played all year, give him a week of practice and start him in your teams biggest game in years instead of dressing the guy you've had all year, it does say something.

Childs has been in the league as long as Wes Cates has, is 27 years old, not a 23 year old kid coming out of college ball, and was here for training camp and was our starter in the first two games.
So it does speak volumes when Ranek, who couldn't make a terrible Eskimo team, can walk into camp and take his job.
I don't like his chances of even being with the team next year.