Wes Cates -- League MVP at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another superb game by Wes Cates both running and catching the ball. I have not seen a RB make defenders miss like him in a long time. The Lion defenders were literally shaking their heads. If the voting was now I believe he would win hands down as he has carried the Riders on his back though tough adversity. Well done Wes!!! :rockin:

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He should definitely get some consideration but it will probably go to a QB, it usually does.

ya he gets MVP. i am ok with the seeing how the award is MOP and thats going to henry burris

Burris always chokes come playoff time, Cates will win it this year

Have you guys been watching Cam Wake at all this year? I agree with Forde.. right now he is the best player in the league. As of right now, IMO, he is the leading candidate for MOP.

A little early to be thinking about MVP, but Calvillo and Ricky Ray would also be front runners.

If it goes to an offensive player and they continue to play at the current rate, I'd give it to Calvillo.

If Cam Wake continues his ridiculous pace I'd say he'd have a great chance to win it, can't remember the last time a defensive player won it.

A defensive player hasn’t won it before - found the list on Wikipedia.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFL's_Most_Outstanding_Player_Award]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFL's_Most ... ayer_Award[/url]

Lets clear up a few things.

MVP is the award for the playoffs only.

MOP is the award for the regular season only.

What Burris does or doesnt do in the playoffs has no bearing at all on a MOP award.

If the award was for most valuable to their team I would say Cates for sure because without him the riders have no offense to speak of.

Turkey already gave away the non existant MVP award to Bishop last week lol.

At this pace, Wake is far and away the best player in the league. He is the MOP without a doubt.

wake is having a beast of a season and i wouldn't be suprised to see him win MOP. and it would eb the first time ever that a defensive player wins it. but no matter what he will get defensive MOP.

cates is having a good season, best of his career hands down but to me not enough to get MOP status. i am going with Calvillo who has had a good season in montreal and ricky ray in the west for edmontons and his great play. i like burris and still think he can pull through and be in the running

Turkey already gave away the non existant MVP award to Bishop last week lol
seeing as how sask seems to win with any QB, he doesnt have a chance.

Wow i just about crapped my pants when i read that, needed a good laugh thanks... :smiley:

But i agree Cam Wake is the most dominate player in our league in a long time, but there is a defensive player of the year award, which he will definately win hands done. I'm thinking that because he's already got this that the MOP will defenately be between Calvillo and Cates, or even Avon Cobourne if he can get healthy again.

Cates gets the node from me (obvioulsy cuz i'm a rider fan) because he's carried our team through the injuries and as impressive as the Als players have been, they've preyed on a weaker division and stuggled against the west. But this is only half way through a season and its all speculation....

wake will get the mop then he will go to the NFL. He will either continue to use steroids and get caught then suspended or he will stop using when he finally makes it to the show and will completely suck. Then he will come back to the league that allows it's players to use drugs without any reprecussion and dominate.

you know what though? you take Wake away from the Lions? they will still either Win or Lose.

BUT you take Cates out of the Riders line up right now? may as well start lowering the casket!

Heh well, teams usually do that, win or lose when they play. I'm assuming you meant win. I wouldn't count the riders out even without Cates though, they seem to be able to compete with anyone at any position this year. Hell, they could put Tillman in at RB and I'd still give them a shot.

Don't laugh - we're so far down the depth chart at WR that ET is next.

It doesn't matter how valuable Cates is to the riders. What is the award called? Most OUSTANDING Player. Who ever has been the most dominate player at the end of the year should get it.

first off Burris has played very consistant all year so far, and if he keeps it up should get a honest look for MOP. and wake will win defnsive no problem i fully agree with that.

but don;t say hey go with cates due to the injuries on the riders roster. you guys have so many go down that your back ups play as much if not more then your starters. to me the injuries at this point looking back from last season have only strengthed the depth you have. injuries are no excuse to give a guy the MOP

Where is your proof? You are entitled to an opinion but lets try wording it like an opinion not a fact ok?

Footballmad what i ment by my comments is the MOP is the most important person to his team and no one has been more important to their team than cates has, he's the only constant in an offense that's rotated through 4 QB's, a bunch of O-lineman and i think every WR not playing in the NFL or CFL already....

He is our team, u take Cam Wake of BC and their Defence is pretty dam good still, just like if u take out Burris, u have Dickenson plus the best receivers in the league and a great running back.