Wes Cates for League MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My word,with all due respect to the rest of our Riders, Wes carried the team on his back last night!!
He was simply awesome and got crucial first down after first down!!!!! What a performance by a classy guy who is terribly underrated!!! My word, talk about stealing a win on the road. There was a great shot on tv of Eric Tillman with a quick smile shaking his head late in the fourth quarter.
Wes- you are clearly the frontrunner for LEAGUE MVP!
Rider Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grey Cup Champs :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

With all due respect to Wes Cates, he's obviously not the front runner for MoP.

I'm thinking that:
Calvillo, Ray, and Lumsden would currently have something to say about that.

Cates had a great game, but he won't even be the offensive player of the week. Hard to vote against a guy who has 20 carries for over 180 yards and two touchdowns.

Weren't you pushing Crandell to be the MVP last week? :expressionless: :lol:

Did you forget to notice that Wake had just as good of a game? 9 tackles and 4 sacks is a damn fine night.

Wake will definitely be defensive player of the week. Lumsden will be offensive player.

You guys need not take Turkey so seriously :wink:

Turkeybend for poster of the week!

Tough choice for offensive player, I think they give Lumsden top Canadian and Rick Ray offensive player.

Calvillo and Lumsden impressed me more than Cates. Lumsden is just a man

Cates didn't exactly come out of the starting blocks quickly either. To say he came out of the blocks slow is an insult to slow people everywhere.

Keep doing that every week, and your team has to play from behind every week. It's not exactly rocket surgery figuring out that spotting the other guy points every week is a bad philosophy for winning football games.

Sure, he was good at the end. Had he played like that early on, the Riders might have been able to cruise at the end and rest some other guys after the attrition the Riders suffered.

Wow that's an awesome game! I didn't see this one, but that's quite a performance for Wake. He may be the best defensive end since Montford.

Cates played a great game, but I have to go with Lumsden. Anybody who can humiliate the Argos like that is okay in my books. :wink:

Lumsden is the best Rushing Tailback in the league...Cates is the most versitle.....Depending on what you want your offense to look like either would be a great fit.

And Cam Wake did have a great game but had some costly penalties in the fourth quarter...its hard to believe this kid is only in his second year...wow

and i think two games in is a little soon to be saying who's gonna be MOP.....cuz i'll guarntee you that glenn and the bombers won't be stinkin it up for to much longer...or the lions

Why stop there maybe he could be knighted or appointed the next king of England.