Wes Cates Aquisition

Rob Lazeo and a 2009 pick for Wes Cates.

whats the scoop?

I think I like where Austin and Tillman are taking this offence. But I dont remember seeing Cates play, although his numbers look promising.

Im just not all stoked on tillman trading SOOO many draft picks. How does he think talent gets discoverd?

He thinks it gets discovered south of the border apparently

Actually it is a 2008 pick. The first news release was wrong.

The second-year running back was traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for Canadian offensive lineman Rob Lazeo and a conditional 2008 draft pick.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=17458&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 8&writer=0[/url]

Wes Cates is a very good running back I hate to seem him go but he was expendable with Jon Cornish Canadian in the back field and the emergence of Simonton. Wes is a great guy and will help the riders with the lack of a running back. You will be saying Henri (Henri Childs) who in no time!

What does this have to say about the play of Russell and Childs? Guess they did not have the training camp Austin was hoping for!

Those to guys will be an after thought. Once you see Cates in action you will like this guy. If it was not for Reynolds he would be a Stamp today. Simonton just edged him out in the last game. But I think Cates over TC and the previous game was the best RB other then Reynolds.

So many draft picks? Well with Anderson traded, we do not lose the pick and this one is also conditional. Seems to me that if you trade a conditional pick based on the player making the team, then heck, why not!

Considering the mantra when ET took over was Canadians, Canadians, Canadians (well it was actually QBs, Canadians and kickers, but you get my point), he sure likes to discard those draft picks.

I don’t mind the trade too much, as Wes Cates is worth a look see, and Lazeo was a likely cut anyway.
But we won’t be saying farewell to Henri Childs anytime soon.
It is not a certainty that Cates will actually make the team, but if he does, I personally expect it is Russell that will be getting on the bus. But it almost certainly will be Childs as our featured back…if he ever gets healthy…

Cates will be starter by week 3. Maybe sooner.

As Childs is on the DL, and is not expected to play this week, bet on sooner...
Whether he remains as a starter is another question.

He wont be starter this week, dude needs to learn the offence

yeah, it too soon to put him into game action. let bracey or russel start this game.

Yea this trade wasn't a bad idea. I personally thought wes cates looked good from the games i saw him play in, but i hate losing Lazeo. That guy is quite the character and never had a problem being a backup. And he always pulled through for us when we needed him, he was even starting to lose his temper these past few years and not taking stupid penalties! Oh well i guess we have tons of O-lineman to choose from as it is! I'll miss the guy for sure though, he was even more funny than schultzy on 620 haha!

As for our running backs, i particularly don't care who we put in there cause i have confidence form what i've seen of them play that they can all do a good job. What always made our running game good wasn't just Keith, he had a big part but a big chunk was our o-line too. They had to open the initial hole for keith to fly through, and they'll have to do it again for whoever we have in there. We'll just have to be patient and see!

You know what I loved about Russel? When KJ scored that TD, Russel looked to make a block and made a decent one on some guy, although I cant remember who.

actually '05 the conditional draft pick we traded for cates is a 2009 4th rounder. i have no link but tillman was on a local broadcast talking about how both wes cates and jermiese jones trades were for 2009 draft picks and how we had time to get picks in 2009 back to replace those that we'd lost.

just thought you should know.

According to Wednesday’s Leader Post, Childs is expected to start on Friday.

yeah, i read that also. its kinda surprising, considering that he was injured and we have 2 other backs who showed promise in the final pre-season game