We're watching 2 future HOF'ers right now

A couple of comments on a different thread led me to create this thread. We have two guaranteed all-time Ticats on this team right now, & barring significant injuries, they'll be setting some marks this year that are going in the record books.

First, Simoni Lawrence. Dude is the heart of our d & one of their leaders. Last year, he moved past Rob Hitchcock for defensive tackles, and will likely pass him this year for total tackles.

From the article: Lawrence holds the Tiger-Cats' franchise record with 533 career defensive tackles after surpassing Rob Hitchcock (484) in 2019, and currently sits second behind only Hitchcock (606) in total tackles with 551.

Then there's Speedy. From the wiki page: Hamilton Tiger-Cats all-time records and statistics - Wikipedia

Most Touchdowns – Career

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Career

Most Punt Return Touchdowns – Career

Most Combined Yards – Career

  • 14,798 – Earl Winfield (67 RSH, 10,119 REC, 2,834 PR, 1,650 KR, 128 MFGR) – (1987–97)
  • 12,959 – Brandon Banks (343 RSH, 5,204 REC, 2,954 PR, 3,689 KR, 769 MFGR) – (2013–19)
  • 10,213 – Tommy Grant (559 RSH, 6,461 REC, 1,195 PR, 1,998 KR, 0 MFGR) – (1956–68)
  • 9,818 – Rocky DiPietro (25 RSH, 9,761 REC, 3 PR, 29 KR, 0 MFGR) – (1978–91)
  • 9,586 – Archie Amerson (356 RSH, 6,266 REC, 921 PR, 2,043 KR, 0 MFGR) – (1997–2005)
  • 9,100 – Garney Henley (552 RSH, 4,657 REC, 2,944 PR, 947 KR, 0 MFGR) – (1960–75)

Speedy over the next couple of seasons will surpass Winfield for total yards on receiving alone. Had this been a full season, he could possibly have done it this year, being only 1839 yards short. He will likely move into 2nd for receiving TDs this year, needing only 10 to pass Tommy Grant. He currently has as many receiving TDs as Ticat great Garney Henley, and just 3 shy of Rocky Dipietro. What really stands out here is how he put himself in this conversation in a far shorter period of time than those all-time great players. He's already in 2nd place for total TDs, 27 behind Earl Winfield. He'll likely pass Winfield over the next 2 & a bit seasons, again assuming no significant injuries.

I guess my purpose behind this thread is just to remind newer fans who may see us talk about players like Faloney, Henley, Mosca, Barrow, Zambiasi, Winfield, Dipietro, McManus, Flutie, etc that these 2 guys are going to be mentioned in the same tones as those guys in the years to come. They're both shoe-ins for the Wall of Honour & Hall of Fame once eligible. Enjoy watching them play so one day, you can talk about them the way us old dudes talk about the players of the 60s, 70s & 80s.

We already knew they were great players, but seeing their names among the all-time greats statistically reminds me of how lucky we are to be able to see them play live.


Thank you for this wonderful post @Count_Floyd1. It really puts things in perspective for these two talented players. :+1: :+1: :football: :football:


Chris Williams pretty impressive 5 punt return TDs in only 2 seasons

The dummy could've had six if it wasn't for that hot dogging brain fart of a return against Montreal . :grimacing:


And it will always be remembered how he left town. He is not CFHoF or WoH material, IMO.


100 % Agree :+1: Speaking of that WoH and worthy players can anyone explain exactly why Dave "the Fly" Fleming isn't up there yet ?


That is an obvious oversight that needs to be corrected. I wonder how players are evaluated for that honour?

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I'm not sure I'd call Simoni a shoe-in for the HOF. He would help his case tremendously with a Grey Cup ring and/or Most Outstanding Defensive Player award. He's been runner-up twice on the defensive award, and a CFL all-star twice. But if you browse through the HOF membership, that hasn't been enough historically. Among recent LBs, Bighill and Elimimian may be the only shoe-ins.
Team records aren't really the criteria for HOF.

Simoni could face the added burden of the ongoing grudge some people have against him as a so-called dirty player. That could cost him votes among the self-righteous electors. Ironically, I could see Dirty Chip Cox getting in before Simoni.


Really - SL has a lot of fixing to do before any consideration & hes just in the right system for him. Wait a few more seasons. He's borderline dirty, but there always comes a time in football where karma catches you.

Every football player who plays well is only because of his talent AND the system. What’s your point? Dirty is subjective and we know your opinion. I’m in the β€œborderline” that gives him the benefit of any doubt. Love how he plays on the edge without crossing the line (IMHO)


Thanks for assembling all of these statistics, and bringing these milestones to our attention. Two great players, to be sure . . . but I do not understand the comment above . . . there may be a typo that needs to be clarified.

According to your statistics, Speedy trails Earl Winfield by a mere 1839 yards of combined yardage. But if we are only considering receiving, he has a long way to go (4915 yards REC behind Winfield). Personally, I think it will be a challenge for him to surpass Rocky DiPietro (4557 yards REC behind DiPietro).
Speedy B is definitely entering the twilight of his career . . . how do Banks' stats stack up against Mike "Pinball" Clemons' career stats ??

Some salient points, to be sure. I think that it's mainly other teams' fans who ride the "Simoni is a dirty player" pony; he's likely better respected by the media and the rest of league.

He would help his prospects immensely by winning MODP and/or a GC ring. There is also this, however, which I forgot to note when I created the post:

Lawrence set a CFL single-game record with 17 defensive tackles in a game against Winnipeg in 2019.

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First, they're not MY stats, the links are in the original post. Second, we're not considering receiving alone, the category under discussion is total combined yardage. There's no typo; the comment merely indicates that, because Speedy is now almost exclusively used as a receiver, if he were to only add to his total via receiving yards, it would take 2 seasons to pass Winfield. I think Speedy is good for 2 1000 yard seasons receiving, again providing he remains healthy. With a shortened season this year, it may require 2 + a partial 3rd season depending on how things shake out.

Because he was used exclusively as a returner for his first few years here, he'll never lead the Ticats in receiving, although had he been put in at receiver from the beginning, he could have. The bulk of his total combined yardage for his first few years was from kick returns. He'll still add some from that this year, I believe he's the usual choice for FG returner in the event of a miss.

As for Clemons, I couldn't care less. I have never understood why Ticat fans give him a pass. Although Clemons' talent is undeniable, the only Argos I would ever give a pass are Flutie, and the late great John Candy.


Can you say Angelo Mosca and Ed George as "Mr. Congeniality" in the HoF ? :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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[quote="PatLynch, post:14, topic:71948"]

Can you say Angelo Mosca and Ed George as "Mr. Congeniality" in the HoF ? :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

[/quote]He's still a borderline player.......His playing days are numbered.

That's a very insightful comment, and I'd have to agree. The moment Burris whined about Simoni's legal hit in 2016, I said to myself, "Simoni's playing days are numbered - he will only be in the CFL another 10 years, tops." I still stand by that.


Does willy Fleming get a vote

If he stays healthy I see him getting at least 1000 yards receiving. Not as dominant maybe but he will still be very good. Even when the team was off like they were Thursday he still caught 7 balls for 73 yards, and they still target him for a lot of passes.

Agree though this will probably be his last year. Physically he takes a beating out there.

With respect but after watching how Hamilton came out for the return to play, IMO Banks & Lawrence look older and I can't see either or both playing one to two more seasons max. Lawrence's intimidating yapping has little effect on this generation of players and Banks with the "I should get ball" attitude from day one is wearing thin. He's a little guy a few more major hit and it's over. Both were lucky enough to fall into the system. But in life all good things come to an end.

I agree the stat's are correct, but they are Hamilton stat's not all time stat's, misleading.

Link to all-time stat's