We're the team they all wanna be!

Nah, just some of what a few fans post on here.

Pro Tip 1.
Stop saying dumb, deliberately negative/positive, unproveable things disguised as football knowledge or "constructive criticism" things would run so much smoother. If you want to continue with this please dont complain when youre called out.

Pro Tip 2 :
When you post something delberately to provoke a reaction please dont cry when you dont like the reaction you get ...again makes things run smoother.

Pro Tip 3: People who disagree with our viewpoint are not necessarily dumb, or deliberately negative/positive. Sometimes, they simply disagree. Respecting others with differing viewpoints, even when we disagree with them, also makes things run smoother.

So Palmer, are those "elite" question marks ? If defending our hard working players makes you "elite" then God blessyou ,my son . :wink: I remember when Garney was a Gentleman and a Tiger . He never trashed his quarterback .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

Want to be taken seriously ?, fine, just back it up. Cant back it up?, fine, just dont whine if its criticized.
Opinions and viewpoints arent facts. Dont state them like they are then act insulted and play victim when theyre challenged.

Just a thought here. There might be fewer arguments about responses to posts if we all limit our objections to actual responses that have been written and posted, rather than objecting to hypothetical responses that seem like the kind of thing someone or other would post.

I remember when Pat Lynch was a music teacher. He never trashed differing opinions .

"Opinions and viewpoints aren’t facts " That is so true Dork . Sadly today some people advocate "alternate facts ". ::slight_smile:

You have to have a thick skin if you are debating a point on the “innernet” because it often gets personal in a hurry .

I enjoy reading comments from the Dork, Crash, Palmer, Grover, Bobo , Mark, Tommy, and many others because they are thoughtful and thought provoking .

Let’s continue to be civil to one another and I’ll try to keep politics out of my comments.

Pat Lynch (Vote Quimby!)

No offence taken. I remember some periods in the 80’s and 90’s when attendence was low and team was on the brink of demise.
Some of my friends and my self would encourage groups of 25+ fairweather fans to the stadium to watch, often a less than a steller team; just to do our tiny bit for the continuation of the team.
So all criticism from fellow cat fans and anyone else that shares this passion is welcome to take their shots. I took more verbal abuse walking down the street in the Hammer growing up.

I’d love to see another 20,000 fans clamouring to get into the game…franchise has to capitalize on this years success…(not necesarily by increasing ticket prices…but merchandising and other sources of revenue)

By the way my original comment was about playing Calgary/Sask also had to do with playing against superior competition going into the playoffs…as a bonus, its nice to play spoiler to those west teams. ?

This guy was never a music teacher . That would take far more talents than Lynchy ever had .

Pat Lynch ( Captain of The Sloop John B)

And right back at you!

My high school music teacher. He was a great influence on me and he sadly passed away from cancer when I was playing overseas.


Ticats silencing doubters one win at a time

But be honest, when did you count the Tiger-Cats out?

Was it when Eric Tillman wasn’t welcomed back as General Manager and the team went with two unproven co-GMs in Drew Allmang and Shawn Burke?
Co-GMs? Best of luck to the team trying to balance that power struggle.

Oh, I know.

It was when June Jones stepped down as head coach and then left altogether for another opportunity, right? You probably thought it was doom and gloom that Jeremiah Masoli couldn’t match his performance without the coach that gave him the opportunity in the first place.

Did you doubt rookie head coach Orlondo Steinauer?

Well if it wasn’t any of those, you definitely took a step off the bandwagon when Jeremiah Masoli was lost for the season with a torn ACL? Who is this Dane Evans, anyway?
Or maybe you’re still in doubt.
Are they actually this good? After all, they’re in the East Division.

Well doubt all you want but the Tiger-Cats are two wins clear of anybody else in the CFL and while the Western war continues at the top of the standings, the Tiger-Cats have quietly become a CFL powerhouse.

And when you consider all those things that have happened up to this point that could have derailed or stalled the growth the team has been experiencing, this has become an extra special season.

While Allmang and Burke, along with their scouting staff led by Spencer Zimmerman have been able to bring in-depth talent to complement an already strong base of veterans.

However, I’ll give a lot of the credit to the work and preparation done by one of the top coordinators in the league for some time as Orlondo Steinauer finally was given the keys.
For years, it was clear the defensive players in Hamilton responded well to Steinauer.
With Mark Washington on board to bring his defensive knowledge from learning under the tutelage of Wally Buono, the duo has created one of the best defences in the CFL.
Simoni Lawrence is a candidate for top defender, the investment in Dylan Wynn has paid off, and the secondary continues to be one of the toughest to throw against.

But it’s not only the defence; you see Steinauer’s ability to get his players ready and prepared across the board from defence to special teams to offence.
When Jones, the top offensive coach, ultimately left the team, he went out and made possibly the best coaching hire of the off-season when he brought Tommy Condell back into the Hamilton family.
Condell was a top offensive coordinator in Hamilton that helped guide Zach Collaros to elite QB status with solid seasons in 2014 and 2015.
When the Tiger-Cats needed someone to continue the development of Jeremiah Masoli, they hit it out of the park with Condell and when Masoli went down, in steps Dane Evans.
Evans was prepared and has been a quarterback Tiger-Cat brass have been raving about when he arrived late in the 2017 season.
The 25-year-old has been every bit as advertised and is creating a little bit of a quarterback controversy that the team will be happy to deal with in December if Evans is able to take them to a Grey Cup that the organization has been waiting for since their last in 1999.
Evans immediately found chemistry with Brandon Banks. He and Bralon Addison have also become a lethal combination. Marcus Tucker is an up and coming under the radar receiving weapon as the Tiger-Cats have been without Luke Tasker for half of the season.

With everything stacked against the Tiger-Cats in 2019, they needed leadership to step up and it’s clear from the top down that they’ve found the right people to make sure things didn’t get too rocky with the changes and injuries that have happened.
If you have any other doubts about the Tiger-Cats, I’d love to hear them. Because so far they’ve made a fool out of any that we’ve come up with to this point.

You can mark this down, however.
Someone, somewhere leading up to the East Final on Nov. 17th will say ‘they haven’t played any meaningful football for months and won’t be able to match the intensity of the team that won the east semi last week.’
But why would it be any different for a team that has their share of doubters since the calendar turned to 2019.

Hey Pat. I'm honored to have made your list under "many others". :wink:

Long may you post, Sir. :slight_smile:

The flip side: A great opportunity to beat the s*** out of teams that typically have beat us over the years - Red Blacks, Alouettes and Argos - then onto the Eastern Final! I am sure the players are motivated.

Even if we insert some backup or depth players we should still kick some serious ass. Not only are the backups of a very high calibre but they themselves will now want to showcase their abilities possibly as an audition for next season.

I expect no let up from the Cats over the next 3 games.

X 2

This was the guy who declared the East wide open for MTL to take Aug. 1 and said nothing about Evans’ capabilities.

Dunno if hes trying to be ironic not considering himself as one of the “doubters”.

You know Krisiun, I truly surprised myself by remembering 7 or so names . There are a lot of truly sharp TiCat fans on this site and of course my neural limitations missed on many others . My badness . :slight_smile:

Now if I could only remember what I had for supper last night ;).

Pat Lynch (Vote Quimby on Monday)

I read it to be that he was one of those doubters but isn't anymore.

2019 Ti Cats…a dynasty in the making!

Caretaker. Lock in the coaching staff and management long term now!