We're the team they all wanna be!

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Looking ahead to the game against the Alouettes is a good way to get a nasty surprise this weekend against the RedBlacks.


Surprises can be a good thing.

Not when we played the Alouettes last time… their running game was unstoppable.

Orlondo said in his press conference " there a lot of things team needs to work on"…, its not a foregone conclusion that we will win EF & GC.

Good thing Orlondo said that. If it was somebody on the forum they would be swarmed by the usual mob.


I was expecting “we have nothing to work on, we’re pretty much perfect. I fully expect us to win the Grey Cup. I’d be stunned if we didn’t”.

No that would never happen here :wink:

Ahhh yes, the elite posters. They have been quiet since Masoli has been exposed as “moderate”!

David Watford has three games to work on short yardage QB runs …

Mobs can be clever though.
They know coaching cliches when they hear them but when a fan makes a sweeping negative statement they want specifics and examples to back it up because a lot of them havnt a clue what theyre talking about.

I do have to admit, I wish we didn’t have such a pointless soft schedule for the rest of the season. Would have been nice to play Calgary or Sask to finish the season; even with 1st place wrapped up.

This from the guy who warns other fans not to take anything for granted.
Youre all over the place, man.

The schedule makers usually try to set up division rivalry games at the end of the season because of the playoff implications. The West will have an exciting finish because of the tight 3 way race between Cal, Sask and Win. The East had major disparity this season between the Cats and the rest of the field.

That’s just how it works out some years.

You routinely have difficuly distinguishing between “constructive criticism” and “sweeping negativity”.

That line is pretty thick to most.

Constructive. Like anyone on the team gives a toss about an anonymous fan’s criticism…especially when it sounds like they only have a basic grasp of the sport at best.


So what exactly are you doing here then?

Simple expression of opinions.
Not for a nano-second am I so delusional that I think its “constructive” for the club.

Ignore the trolls Gage, I get what your saying. It worked out this way but could have been different. Being attacked on this internet forum is expected. Some cant just read and move on, they have to show their superiority with passive aggressive shots at posters

Your entire online persona seems to be constantly obssessed with undermining the fanbase. As a result you have failed to notice a pattern whereby other fans opinions, and by extension their “constructive criticisms”, seem to be echoed by our fabulous coaching staff.

Multiple times this season knowledgeable fans pointed out a deficiency (lack of running, screen passes, deep balls, etc.)

Interestingly enough the coaching staff usually corrected these problems the following week. Obviously they didn’t peruse these forums looking for solutions from fan input. But what it should tell you is that the hardcore fans around here are not as stupid as you make them out to be.