We're the team they all wanna be!

It’s simple. We’re the best dam team in the nation!


We have the best record, best offence, best defence, best home record, best away record, best record vs. East teams and best record vs. West teams.

That says it all.

Let’s just get to the playoffs healthy. Get the backups some playing time

ya baby!


This thread has some seriously deep discussions. ;D

And crush Montreal on the 26th. They are due a beat down. Level set their situation.

1 more win then sit the starters. Franchise record and clinch the east final first

I would prefer to see the best players from both teams for the Alouettes game.

To see how we match up with them, as they surprised us in the last match.

Don’t want to give them confidence that they can beat us!

AMEN to that!

Keep your deep discussion out of here. Save it for the Nissan Power rankings thread. This is pure, unadulterated chest puffing only.

We could very well be crushed by you, but I will say that we’re one of the few teams to have handed you a loss this season, so it’s not entirely a foregone conclusion that you’ll steamroll us. :wink:

That’s true. No doubt it will be an interesting game.

Oh no, its forgone. It will be a crushing!

Garney, now that we are on the top I personally don’t want to act like some Gang Green and Bummers fans have acted in the past to us when we were not on top. I resented it at the time and don’t want to be tarred with the same brush.

You, of course, can do as you like. I have just stated my point of view. :wink:

I agree. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little bravado !?

Absolutely! Enjoy the moment, last time we had 12 wins was ‘98… next time could be 2040? :-[

The injuries the TiCats have had to deal with exposed the depth at key positions.
Good on the Organization for the offseason signings they made.
Real depth takes you deep into a long season and playoffs.

Ottawa’s going down boys!