Were The Refs Smoking Crack At Halftime

Now, unfortunately I'm sick and couldn't make it to the game, but I did listen to it on the radio (damn blackout).

And I'm curious as to what the deal with the refs was near the end of the game tonight? It sounded like they completely blew about 4 or 5 calls in a row.

I'd be interested in hearing from those at the game.

And I'm going to catch the highlights, to see for myself.

In any case, we managed to squeak out another win. Hopefully Jackson's alright, but it sounded like Buck was right back on form...good thing to hear.

Any feedback from those at the game would be appreciated.

You can probably catch the game on TSN broadband by tomorrow .

Ireland called a Fumble on the Lions that was clearly 100% NOT a fumble!!

Thank you for posting that here as well as the main forum . I agree fully with you but did not want to say so being a Lions fan , and stand to being called a whiner or biased . Coming from you , a Rider fan , it has much more credibility in the eyes of many , with the rivalry that we have between us . Class post here and in the main forum. Thank you.

Buck played pretty good.

How much credibility do I have then?
No way was that a fumble.
And I'll toss you another one.
The "slit throat" sign that the Edmonton player did was a nice call by Jake himself.
Especially after Jackson was called early for the same thing.
One might try to rationalize that the critical timing of that call made it a bad call, but I would disagree.
There is no place for such antics, and so regardless of the impact, call it!!

Now I'll get myself in trouble...
The hit by Floyd on Lefors should be reviewed by the league, and it is possible a suspension is warranted.

There goes my credibility....

The fumble call was a joke. There is no reason the original ruling on the field should have stood. I can appreciate that being a ref is difficult with everything happening in the blink of an eye on the field, and I accept that there will be blown calls form time to time, but the video review was about as clear as one could ask for. The camera angle was perfect.

My respect for Jake Ireland has definitely dropped and I'm just glad that his blown call didn't cost the Lions the game. Lets hope the League addresses this issue and works to fix it. I would prefer to see an independent reviewer for video replay (go upstairs to an official that doesn't look bad if their call is overturned).

I don't believe that Floyd is a dirty player and wasn't intentionally trying to hurt Lefors but I can see how it did kind of look bad but I think in this instance, it's a judgement call.

Did anyone else see the blatant hold on Johnson on the last play of the game. I know there is a lot of holding on every play but that was just outright obvious.

With the exception of the blown video review, I actually thought the game was well officiated and the refs let the teams play.

Arius , I agree the Floyd hit looked bad , however , what went on in his head as he did that is hard to say .The guy has never had a bad incident before so whether he did that intentionally or was try to hop around him and misjudged his step , I think you can't say just from video.

Ya that was very blatant but being the last play of the game BC would have declined that one . However had that been a game winning TD that was thrown then would have really changed things.

The fumble that wasn't...you're talking about Boden? 'Cause he was clearly down before the ball came out.

I agree that Floyd has a pretty good reputation.
I've never heard anything before at least.
And I doubt he was intentionally trying to injure Lefors.
I do think he intentionally stuck the leg out--but as a reflex, not an intent to injure.
Nobody knows what he was thinking, but that is my asessment.
Because Lefors may have a concussion, the league should look at it.
The hold on Johnson was horrid. No call. there was a flag thrown on Wally for complaining, but as the game was over, there "was no infraction on the play".
Again, it is hard to know what the lineman was thinking.
Maybe he took that last shot at johnson. Back to back games tend to build up a lot of animosity.
Or maybe he knew he had just got beat by Johnson, that it was the last play, so no way was Johnson getting another hit on his QB.
I don't know.
But I haven't seen anything like it since the steer wrestling at the Stampede.

Arius , IMO of that Floyd hit , he was doing either one two things. One , he was trying to stop forward progress by putting the only thing in front of Leflors that he could , his leg and you got to consider he was coming in at speed . Or two trying to hop around Leflors at speed and miscalculated his position . I don't believe he was trying to kick him in the head , as that would be to obvious and draw much unwanted attention . I don't think any player in the league would try something so deliberate with the price to be paid for such an action . Ya I could see your idea of a reflex action too .

By reflex, what I meant was your first scenario--he was just doing whatever to stop Lefors. Sometimes players stick out the leg. And that is what I think happened. I might add, that even in that scenario, the league needs to look at it.
The best way to teach players not to do that type of reflex move is to penalize them.
As for no player ever doing it deliberately? I don't believe Floyd was, but if AJ Gass had made that move, I would absolutely believe it was deliberate.
And I can recall Dan Kepley taking a few deliberate shots like that in his day.
It does happen.
Floyd gets the benefit of the doubt because of a good reputation, whereas a guy like Gass would not.

I look at it like a knee on knee reaction in kockey . You missed the guy and try just to get a piece of him nothing intentional. I did it.

Pennw there is no such thing in professional sports as what went on in his head. That is an excuse plain and simple. That is an attempt to justify what shouldn't need to be.

It is plain and simple, defensive players are taught to stop the quarterback. While I don't think the final outcome was expected, the intent to stop was pre-determined. There is no doubt in that outcome.

Mike , why don't you say that about Arius too then ? He's basically saying the same as me. Don't come here looking for nits to pick - you are in the BC forum , not the main . If your looking for a fight your , in the wrong place. By the tone of your post , that's what I'm getting from you. Not trying to make excuses , I'm speculating just as Arius is doing here , don't come in here and make false-accusations! Why can Arius and I seem to understand that but not you?

You are the one that said his state of mind. In fact you are the one who challenged individuals...

And if you look at my comment and read I clearily stated....that the final outcome wasn't expected, but the intent to stop the player was.

If it is your opinion that the kicking of the leg out was intentional that is your opinion. In my opinion, I think he kicked his leg out intentionally. Now if you want to say that something was intentional or not intentional is nit picking then that demonstrates you like to call the Sask fan whiners....but don't want to accept that in fact you are whining when someone calls you on your opinion.

Mike I never called anyone a whiner , you aren't making any sense . Now why don't you just scurry on out of here and stop trying to start a fight in our forum.

Jake Ireland proved he either has poor eyesight or he was biased on his calls.
Josh Boden clearly did NOT fumble on his reception and on yhe last play of the game, Brent Johnson was hog-tied.
Many of the penalities at the end of the game were questionable and the officials kept the game closer than it really was.
Saturday night's game was one of the worst officiated CFL games this year.
I sure wouldn't want to be driving when these old-farts are behind the wheel, because if there was to be a call on Otis Floyd, Jake Ireland missed that one too, right in front of where he is positioned. No team wants poor officiating to dictate the game.