We're the only team without a win. When do we get it?

Is there some kind of "Goth" promotion at McMahon stadium that I don't know about? :o

Don't look for Calgary Stampeeders to be the easy game beacuse they are a very good team.

They kicked Esks butt at home two weeks ago and almost knocked them off again Saturday night.

Nope ,I doubt we can beat them on the road .

By "kicked butt", do you mean barely pulled out a win on two plays in the dying minutes? Because that's what happened.

JAG IN DRAG? Not going to happen, BG.

I think Maas will pick apart the calgary secondary(remember last year's west semi?). I doubt that the veterans on your team would allow a third straight loss. If your defence pulls it together, as well as jamie boreham(or a new kicker), I see the cat's coming out on top in a close one.