We're the only team without a win. When do we get it?

With the Roughrider's victory over B.C., we're now the only team without a win.

Furthermore, our next four games are against formidable opponents.

So, out of curiosty...

When are we going to get our first win? Thoughts? Predictions?

Am I a Doubting Thomas? Perhaps, but I don't think that we're going to see a win until July 28th, when we meet Winnipeg. shudders

we could win next week against calgary but if we dont beat them i think we will have to wait until july 14 when calgary comes hear.

The game against Calgary may be a "fair" comparison...

Playing Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver seems to mean that the zebras will do all in their power (and its considerable!) to see that the calls are one sided.

Hard to win, where the zebras combine to beatyou...lets let the "ball touched Holmes's foot" get re-examined...I seriously doubt he would not have admitted it at the moment, and afterwards, you may as we3ll have wrapped the game in a bag and handed it to the Al's...something the fans picked up on as the Exodus started about that point, as the water. beers, hot dogs, sausage etc are plainly cheaper outside the park...

We can take the screw ups of the caterers, but if the League just wants the Big Three to come out on the winning edge, its time to go golfing...

The Cats will win this Thursday against Calgary.

i hope so :thup:

What alot of balogna! The refs have no more af an ax to grind with us than anyone else. Our favourite Ref "Jake" gets the same response from the fans in Toronto. Are you there Argo Dave. The refs for the most part not all are just incompetent! tcmik

I only saw it at the stadium so I could be wrong but the interference call in the end zone that gave the Cats their first TD was a gift. I think the questionable calls went both ways.

I'm not sure the Cats should expect to come out ahead on the penalty front as long as they keep up the after the play stuff. Belli, for example, seems to be daring the refs to call him for something every third play with all his after-the-whistle machismo. When the team's winning, it looks like intensity - when the team's losing because of stupid penalties it just looks selfish and stupid.

you cant be hattin belli's tackle dances there amazing :cowboy: lol

I will post a photo of me wearing a dress if they win.

Seriously, I just can't see it happening.

(FYI - I have never worn a dress, not that there's anything wrong with that. :wink: )

the cats wont win, until they cut boreham the liability.

Geez I'm a die hard Cats fan and yes that ball hit Corey Holmes' foot. Regardless of all that, Corey Holmes should have fell on that ball to save any questions. It's that kind of execution that's killing us, let alone the terrible coaching.

I'll be surprised if we win a game this year. To turn this thing around this team has to get it together from play calling to executing the plays. This isn't a bad team on paper, but once it hits the field, BOY OH BOY, it's just terrible and that starts from the top down.

Thanks, JaG, I nearly sprayed coffee all over my cubicle from laughing so hard. I'm holding you to this. :twisted:

I doubt that the Cats are ready to win a game in the near future. From their play, and more importantly, based on their "same old, same old" coaching tactics and given the overall improvement across the CFL, I would guess that this season's win margin won't be too unlike last season's.
Sorry Boreham girl, Jamie has to go. Hopefully, he can find work elsewhere, but with his inconsistancy as a kicker, I don't think it should be in football.
I'd venture to say, that the hunt is already on for a replacement and if he plays in Calgary the way he's played thus far, I think there are high school kids who can get it done better.

I believe I have read that Kellet resides in Calgary, HMMMMMMMM?????, and he kicked better the last 2 years than boreham is now an that s with one eye, give him a shot.

It better be on the public forum and it would be worth paying the airfare to Calgary and kidnapping their Defense just to see you in a dress JaG.

I hope I'm wrong, but barring some major breaks in the next two weeks, I think it's realistic to believe the Cats won't win until they play at home again, against Calgary.

By then they will have some more kinks worked out and there's nothing like a road trip to help the team (I hate to use this word) gel. With the "road" preseason game in TO, this team hasn't had a chance to really spend time together away from all the distraction of home, and they really need it.

Odds are against a win this week: short turnaround, time zone change, and temps of 30+ in Calgyra.

But.. the odds have been beaten before!

I'm sending postive touchdown vibes for this Thursday.

Let's not give up on the lads yet. They'll turn it around.



apparently that's the mood of this board. Unless they replace and fire everyone who makes any error, they'll never win, so until all are fired, they won't win.

Of course they will. Nothing is a gimme. It's not automatic. They just need more time to work at it. Two games is hardly enough time.