We're the longshot to win the Grey Cup

According to a tweet from Drew Edwards these are the Grey Cup Odds according to betting site Bodog.
Stamps - 1/1
Esks - 7/2
Als - 4/1
Cats - 9/2

Bet365 has the ALS last

[url=http://www.bet365.com/lite/#!clt=9994;op=4;cid=12;cpid=12-20348077-1-25497500-2-0-0-0-1-0-0-4063-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-0-0]http://www.bet365.com/lite/#!clt=9994;o ... -0-0-0-0-0[/url]

Remember-- any given team on any given Sunday.....
Bring it Home TiCats!

The Cats will always be the underdog according to the So-called experts and media but that's okay, gives us that edge and something to fight for and be proud of the fact that we are the Tiger-Cats and our fans are loud & proud of our team.

The Cats have the second longest stretch of not winning a Grey Cup also, last time 1999 in Vancouver against the Stamps, but Winnipeg holds that title of not winning the cup in more years than the Cats.

Easiest way to overcome and beat the odds, is just Win on Sunday and beat the crap out of Montreal!!!


doesn't matter what they say. We weren't supposed to win the division or get to the GC last year either.

Going to a GC is one thing. Winning it is the real deal.....no one cares about the loser & no one cares about the odds unless you're betting.


So, Hamilton just beat Montreal handily in Hamilton. Hamilton finished first. Hamilton plays at home, where they just beat Montreal handily.
On what basis can anyone favour Montreal?

who cares this why they play the games

On the basis that it's not the better team who wins, it's the better team that day who wins, and the better team that day is usually the one who put in the hours in the time before that day.

It's been said many a time, by many coaches, focus and do your job to the best of your ability and the score will take care of itself. So for us fans, our job is to make noises, from huddle to snap, every play on defense, to be silent on offense and to support our guys, win or lose.