Just a thought i feel we should be tied with montreal for tops in the league weve only had 2 games where we couldnt have won the first game against T.O and the stinker against montreal. So we to should be 9-2 with that being said montreal around this time of year always seem to start to stagger and as far as im concerned no other teams seem to be powerhouses no we havent been strong on offense but defense win championships and are d is great and every week we seem to be getting better so were not out of first place yet i dont think?

you need to punctuate your posts as these run-on sentences are very hard to read and the fact that i'm posting this at 5:30 am has little to do with me living in mom's basement and collecting action figures and more to do with the facts that i drank too much coffee yesterday and i received a new mattress courtesy of christine frickin mcgee and the delivery guys didn't wear the booties and i can't sleep and the cats will win tonight i think and i was in montreal for the game in july and i took my bicycle on porter airlines and they left it in montreal but rectified the situation by couriering it to my place that evening and.......

and that has toatally nothing todo with my forum Im not in high school anymore so proper english means nothing i want opinions on what i said not what ur blabbing about

This kills me. LMAO

were you in high school when you were in high school?

as to the point of your thread..I dont think a one game winning streak makes us the hottest team in the league. I dont think 2 wins in our last 5 games makes us the hottest team in the league.

lets see how we do tonight...then maybe we can talk about hot...

The first Montreal game was closer than the score.
We had a chance to win that game!

No we're not. Not after a 42 - 8 drubbing. They were humiliated and in front of their own home crowd no less.

I hope this teams learns some lessons from tonight and can return the gesture to the Als on Oct.18th.

Look luke warm to me :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Perfect thread title now..... WERE.. not no longer.. if we ever WERE!!

Tonight they would make the Coors Light mountains turn blue. :lol: Very surprised at this one. Thought the Cats had a shot tonight. Oh well, they should still be hosting the worst of the West in the East semi. That's the time to be hot. Six more games to go before it's one and done.