We're stuck with chuck

Put the guillotine away

Sorry Ticat fans, but

the GM has no plans
to pink slip head coach

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

(Sep 4, 2008)

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Labour Day is past and still, Obie hasn't
presented Charlie's head on a platter

for the personally offended fans
who are desperate for one individual

to pay for the alleged turmoil
our record causes to their lives.

Ain't gonna happen, folks.

And I for one am glad it ain't.

According to the Article:

“The GM expects to sign a couple of young QBs for the future, as well as seek some help for the offensive and defensive line.”
HMMM - sign a couple of young QBs? Does this mean the end of Casey P.?
Just thinking out loud, folks…

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Or...could somebody be wanting Richie?

Fine. Keep him. I was calling for his head but I'm willing to give him more time.

(No doubt Charlie will be breathing easier, now that Ruff is willing to give him more time with the team.)

Let's see how they do against BC.

I'm fine with this as long as they take his decision making privaleges away.

I'm still in shock that he punted on third and inches, that's the equivalent of folding with a straight flush.

It was like Charlie wanted to get fired.

I'm not shocked but rather disappointed. I'd have gone for it, but I can understand why he punted considering all the times we've been stoppped on 3rd down gambles this year, and the game winning stop on labour Day illustrates his thinking process I think. He knows that with this team, it isn't as easy as it should be.

It's impossible not to make inches in the CFL. Look at the odds: odds of a big return 1 in 10, odds of a block 1 in 100 odds of not making inches with the D-line a yard off the ball 1 in a million. It's completely ridiculous.

So CFL teams go for it on 3 and 1, 100% of the time, no matter where they are on the field.

You know Ron, you almost sound like your gloating about all this. Maybe I'm wrong. Hope I am. Truth is it's Obie's call, and hopefully he's making the right decision for this franchise. But as it stands today Obie's record as a Ticat GM is 2-7. Anyway you cut it, we're still dead last in an 8 team league.

Apparently so. Who can argue with a proven 99.9999 per cent success rate?

It was inches! Inches!

Not no yard. Inches.

In order for the D to stop you from gaining inches, they must 1. know exactly when the ball will be snapped then 2. have the entire d-line rush to the line faster than the fastest man in the world then 3. over power that line. Oh ya and even for all that to work the o-line will have to hesitate a little.


  1. hope the refs give you a good spot
  2. hope your QB doesn't fumble the snap
  3. hope your RB if he gets the ball actually follow a blocker and finds a hole
  4. ect...ect....ect....ect

Not going for it on 3rd and inches was IMO was very disappointing. Despite the fact you are on your own 20 and all that other garbage if you can't run a QB sneek on 3rd and inches and get a first down you don't deserver to be on the field. I don't care if you had been stuffed on your last 20 straigt attempts...you still go for it.

IMO as a Coach you must give that opportunity to your offense to produce. If it fails you must as a Coach take ownership for the failure.

My Dad always use to say to have tried and failed is much better than not to have tried at all....sigh.

Changing coaches in mid stream is a sure way to continue losing games. Despite the fact that Taaffe is doing a seemingly poor job, allowing him to complete the 2008 season is the right way to go.

Look for full scale coaching changes again next year.

Actually, novascotiakid,

I was trying to point out the undue importance

some people place on the fortunes
of their favourite football team

in their lives,

people who seem personally offended
because of their team's poor record,

whose lives seem to be in turmoil

so much that they desperately
want somebody to pay for it.

[by being fired]

as I said, 'fans who are desperate
for one individual to pay for

the alleged turmoil our record
causes to their lives.'

Sometimes. It depends on a combination of the probability of success, the potential reward, and the cost of failure.

People who say “it’s better to have tried and fail” are usually talking about trying things that have a very large potential reward and a very small cost of failure.

Granted, we’re talking here about a football play, not a potentially lethal ascent to the summit of K2.

If there is a housecleaning again next year, let me throw a few names in the mix.

Dave Dickenson's career is likely done. He and Obie have a connection, how about him for offensive coordinator? Or Danny Mac.

On the defensive side of things, while they are probably not in a position to take over as coordinator right now, I'd sure see if Joe Montford and Rob Hitchcock were interested in getting into coaching; Montford for the line and Hitch for LBs, DBs, or special teams.

For coordinator, I'd bring back Less Browne.

A better idea.

Get all those guys and more to have
a touch football game at half time. :roll:

That ought to help sell a few tickets. :smiley:

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: errr....no?

Fair enough Ron. We certainly agree that its only a game, and for a rationale person not the cause of any life important problem...unless you coach or play for the team and your job is on the line. And there's no doubt some of the folks calling for Taffe to be fired are just looking to vent and punish someone for the teams performance. Others, rightly or wrongly, may believe that it is in the best interests of the team. I'm indifferent. If (large if), I was the GM, I would make a change now. But all I really care about is the on field performance. And as a long distance fan its easy enough to change the channel and defer plans to make it back to Ivor Wynne...

You and I agree. It's only a game.

Last year, by the 3rd quarter, I was squirming in my seat

feeling like I used to when I was in grade five or six

and had to serve a half dozen after-school detentions.

but I walked out of the stadium
and tried to put it out of my mind

while others were calling the post game radio show

or immediately coming on this website
to rant about who should be cut or fired.

This year the close games have had me
hanging on the edge of my seat

and people are still ranting and raving.

It must be terribly emotionally draining.