we're still alive!!!!!!!!

BOMBERS 20, ALS 23 :rockin: :rockin:

One game at a time, one weekend at a time, lets hope BC is a little over confident..

So what is the actual math behind us making the playoffs

we have to win everything , winnipeg has to loose everything.....to tie.

Mathematically still alive, but how is it going to look if a team 7-11 makes the playoffs.

Remember last year the Renegades were 7-11 and missed the playoffs, they needed 9 wins to make the playoffs.

i really dont care how it looks ill be lovein it if we get in

We have to start somewhere; 2 straight wins against Eskies; now we have to beat BC today. Then beat Wpg on Oct 15,etc. One game at a time. No debate if we should/shouldn't be there - should Winnipeg? Should Toronto?
We still can by almost a miracle - and we must beat BC today to stay in.

Let's hear the TiCat's Roar,and the fans supporting our team. I'll be cheering from my home in Winnipeg. EAT EM RAW! 8)

Cats have 9 lives :wink: -IMO the CFL playoff race is allways interesting down the fallstretch,as the second season leads up to the Grey Cup Playoffs,