We're Schultzie's Pick!

The Ticats are on a bit of a roll with good victories over Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. The Lions are not. I was slightly amazed and somewhat disappointed on how the Lions played against Edmonton on Friday night. Their run defence was absent and, due to quarterback issues, the offence only had 105 passing yards and 66 rushing yards.

I have no idea who is going to start at this point but I would be surprised if it is not Casey Printers. And if it is, the Lions have a good chance for an upset win. If not, probably not. Buck Pierce would be taking a career risk if he plays but what else is new? And Zac Champion is not ready. They still have Martell Mallett at running back and, if given enough opportunities, he could rush for well over 100 yards.

For the Ticats, a well-deserved second place position that logic says they should be able to take advantage of. There is the reality that it is tough to beat a team three times in one season as Hamilton will have to do to move on but I think they can.

Defensive coordinator Greg Marshall has done a great job of quiet achievement. Some feel he deserves consideration for a head coaching position and you would have to agree. He is very similar to Richie Hall in Edmonton; just fundamentally sound with a great work ethic and an over-emphasis on preparation.

And how about head coach Marcel Bellefeuille? He never deviates, he never sleeps; he just grinds away day after day. Marcel is one of the class acts of CFL football. But as much as coaches influence, players create.

The Kevin Glenn story is magnificent. He was quiet as Quinton Porter learned and then confident when his time came. My buddy Milt Stegall called it in mid-July, saying ‘Schultzie, Kevin Glenn will take the Ticats to the playoffs in November!' And he was right.

I don't think the Ticats will dominate on Sunday at Ivor Wynne but I do think they will win. Casey Printers to Geroy Simon is deadly but Gerg Marshall is smart and I will take smart over deadly every time.

BC 19, HAM 24


I hope Schultz is right. This should be a great game, both teams are going to come in ready to play so there could be a lot of points scored.

Crap. I hate it when we're NOT the underdog. :lol:

There is no way anyone in their right mind would pick BC to win this other than Lion fans. Not saying the Lions have no chance but the fact that we were 2-0 against them this year and that the game is in Hamilton and should be at least a near sellout.

I will be very sad if the game has less than 25,000. Should be a sellout but you never know. I remember years were there was only 18,000 on labour day.

Dont worry...we'll be the underdog next week!

Big Deal - he picked Winnipeg last week - the guy is a major pantload

Actually I think on his World Vs Schultz he picked us … before the game he said Winnepeg.

He'll change his mind again by pregame, after all he's just an old Argo isn't he?

LoL he works for Proline under the table … he always changes his mind the PANTLOAD …

No, he did not.

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/schultz/?year=2009&type=REGULAR SEASON&week=19

He picked the Peg on the TSN panel just before kickoff. Guess he can’t make up his mind.

I like Schultz but the truth is he does flip flop. True he did pick Hamilton last game( on Schultz vs world) but said on the TSN panel, I think Winnipeg will win. The guy has to make up his mind and stick to one prediction.

BTW, I think he did the same thing, with the Sask game, the previous week.