We're pretty lucky you know...

Look at our roster...

Look how young a lot of these guys are, on both sides of the ball. We could have a good team for a number of years to come.

Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

The hard part is keeping them. As long as we can keep finding good young talent we'll stay good.

I just posted something similar in the taunting thread on the main board. Lots of young guys, second, third year players who haven’t fully matured yet, definitely bodes well for the future.

Ok Mr Mack, get the ole "extention pencil" sharpened. Let's lock these guys in for a while.

One of the biggest attraction to sport for me, besides the definitive nature of it, is when a team improves as much as the Bombers have. It's like a big come from behind win in a game, but on a larger scale. Such a good feeling and so good to watch. Enjoy the climb, the struggle is what makes me appreciate it even more.

Oh ya, you stick with your team no matter what and eventually it will happen. A band wagon jumper I am not!

most of them are looked in long term tho...

bowman,kent,hef,suber,beasley,mbowman,willis,d smith,logan,reid,edwards,renaud,palardy all have recently signed new deals..jovon signed a new deal last year.. all gotta be atleast 2 if not 3 +1 deals. others are on probably the same..

rookies sign 2 +1 minimum dont they? denmark,turner,mainor,vega,poblah. <-- all probably signed atleast 2 +1. or atleast this plus next year. and some will sign long term in the off season or during the season even. Bet on it.

Mack knows what he's doing.. and i'm thinking i wouldnt be surprised if 3/4 of our roster is signed to atleast a 2 + 1 year deal.

I have to agree. Hiring Joe Mack was a very smart move. He and his team have brought in some excellent players and I hope we can keep the nucleus and build on it for many years to come.

Also agree...Hiring Joe Mack just may have been the most significant move made by the club in recent memory.

x3. Rough year last year with a number of close games lost but they resisted the urge to dive into an underwhelming FA class in the offseason like some GMs an try a quick fix, instead they did a good job scouting these guys in the first place and after some growing pains last year its paying off big dividends this year. Kavis Reed was making Tillman look good the first part of their season but a few injuries have really exposed their lack of quality depth. Mack is GM of the year so far in my book.

We're also very lucky with the players and coaches. The coaches believed in the players as much as Mack did and the players believed in each other. With a 4-14 record last season it could have gone one of two ways - bring the guys together or have them fight amongst themselves - and the former happened (I have to think Richard Harris had a big hand in that happening).

We're also very luck in that we've got a great record and played great entertaining games this year....and we've yet to have a breakout game from the offense. Don't mean to sound like a complainer, I'm not, just saying that they have yet to put up huge game with 300 plus yards passing, and if they can keep improving and get there and with the D playing the way they do...Look out!!!

Not to nick-pick...but Buck did throw for 361 vs Toronto...but I hear ya...we need more of that!

....Another problem we have is definitely in the kick-off return dept....We are last in the league with a 17.1 yards average...We continually give ourselves poor field position and a loooooong field for Buck and the crew...We need to shore that up...AND speaking of that ...where the heck is our hidden secret weapon Mr. Tim Brown....I keep hearing about his blazing speed and he must be fast cuz i haven't seen him yet...Time to unleash Tim ,Lapo...we're waiting :roll: .Otherwise i'm pretty happy with the special teams..

It's pretty difficult to unleash a guy whose injured. If he could go I'm pretty sure Lapo would have him in.

.....I thought when Tim 'unretired' that he was ready to go....IF he's been injured again since......hmmmmmm.It's certainly looking a little curious to say the least :roll:

He did come back and he appears on the injured roster. Even if he was on the PR, where's there an active roster spot for him? They've had to use the extra spots to make sure they had enough support on the Dline. Maybe he'll get on after the bye week when they reshuffle the deck with Brown hopefully coming back, and Muamba and maybe Poblah nearing being ready for game action. Then again, maybe they decide they want to keep Vega and Mainor and Bryant on the active roster for now. If not, Denmark showed some ability vs BC, would be interested to see what he can do with a few more reps back there.

After the last couple of years, it must feel fantastic for BB fans.