We're out of wood, so lets drown the witches...

Maybe 9 positional changes this week were too much to overcome.

Masoli played OK, not great, not poorly, but OK. If Zach isn't ready for next game, Masoli really has to pick up his game.

The good - Chiles making insane catches. Gable had a good running game and picked up the blitzing LBs. Fantuz being steady. Chick with a sack/fumble. Tolliver is outstanding.

The bad - The entire Defence. Daly pooping the bed on that TD pass (reminded me of the EDF game). Masoli throwing interceptions.

The ugly - that incomprehensible ruling by the Kommand Kommisariate on that obvious catch/fumble. Incomplete pass? You gotta be friggin' kidding me. If both Jake Ireland and Glen Johnson both have their jobs next year, I'm seriously going to reconsider my CFL loyalty.

Caretaker - I challenge you to show some stones and have those two incompetent fools fired. They have bee responsible for some horrendous, game-changing rulings this season. They, as well as the Commissioner, are an embarrassment to the League. Change HAS to come from the top.

The second and four play call inside three minutes is what cost us the game , run the damn ball, God Austin needs to held accountable for this play call , we needed to kill the clock cause our defense can't stop anybody.

Read my post on that play Mr. Pike! My sentiments exactly!

Long walk on a short dock while wearing lead boots for dem witches.

Had to listen to this mess on radio tonight, worked too late…

Atleast they made a game of it i guess

I think i hate losing to the BUMCRACKS worse than losing to the argos.

Austin teased us with a few 500 seasons. He was over-achieving, I guess. I think he's a good team president, and GM, but not a good coach. Even with 2 weeks to prep, the RBs were way aheaed in terms of game planning. That is the case almost every game.

Coach O was the flavour of the week but his defense has been figured out. DEs should rush the QB and not cover RBs. Throwing for 400 yds a game seems easy, and his bend and break defense never comes up with a big stop when they need it.

I know it won't happen now, but I'm for a coaching change, but please not Coach O as head coach.

We had a chance to win, even though we didn't play that well.
Lets just look at it like a 2 game total points series and we are down by 1 point. :wink:
We will get them next week!

It was a terrible decision by them to take a knee at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully it will cost them home field advantage in the East Final!

We'll have to see if Zach is ready to return next week - Austin did say earlier in the week that he was close - but then concussions can be unpredictable in that a good day or 2 can easily be followed by bad days. It could make a difference if he is able to return.

It seems everyone BUT the command centre feels that reviewed play should have been ruled a fumble. However the team did have opportunities to make plays in the first half and didn't.
I don't blame Daly for the Jackson TD - he tried to make a play and almost had an interception that unfortunately bounced the wrong way. Not at all like the EDF IMO.

I was happy to see Chiles play well and if they can get Elliott into the lineup next week that could help our beleaguered receiving corps. Fantuz played well again and thankfully stayed healthy. Not sure how many yards he had but I suspect he might have managed to hit 1000 for his season. Revenberg filled in admirably for Campbell.

I'm not sure that all the positional changes were that big a detriment. Fulton seemed to play well and Raymond made a few plays. Change in the secondary has been happening all season - especially lately and sure doesn't help them to be consistent. They seemed to be playing a bit tighter to the receivers in the second half and tackling better at least some of the time. Not good if Speedy B gets added to the list of walking wounded though.

It was a winnable game but once again there were just a few too many mistakes and missed opportunities for them to take the the game. They have another opportunity next week and then they can hope that Ottawa loses their last two games which I think are against Winnipeg. Of course they'll have to win theirs.

I concur...
Someone has to find to stones.."to hell with the fines".
And call out what is going on in the Command Centre with "our game".
And take it to the Media...period.
Mr Young they can not suspend you..or Mr Mitchel.
Bring this B/S out...enough is enough.
They have all the angles etc.
No reason for this..
It's not a joke..it's gross and must stop..

Certainly a gutless decision, but not so terrible. The odds of us finishing the season tied with the ORBs are pretty slim, as that would require (among other things) one of us to tie another game. Chances of a turnover on an attempted TD were probably greater.

Great job on the thread title. :lol:
It’s the only thing that’s made me smile since a couple of plays prior to the wide right, almost 12 hrs. ago.

Probably not a big deal now, because the RBs are up 3 points. A chance for the teams to end up tied in the standings now is unlikely.
Plus -- had they scored quickly, they would have had to kick off and we would have only been down a td, so it wasn't just a case of not running the score up -- at least not on the second last play.

Doing something other than kneeling down would also risk potentially turning the ball over via fumble and having the Cats run it back for 6 the other way. Securing the win was priority number one. And as has been discussed, it's unlikely the tie-breaker will become a factor. Among other things, Ottawa's tie with Calgary earlier this season means that either Ottawa or Hamilton would need to have a tie in this final stretch run in order to make the two teams' win-loss records line up precisely.