Were our receivers over-rated ?

During the pre season , we were told by the media how unstopppable our receivers would be. I think these guys were over rated ( Yeast , Ralph , Flick, Vaughan and Peterson )

Would you not exchange them for any of the following combinations ?

BC… Simon , Clermont and Thelwell
Argos…Bruce and Miles
Winnipeg… .Stegall and Brazzell

But then again… with our lack of offensive imagination, these guys would probably have been duds here too.

Flick and Peterson have played well... unfortunatly for the team its a slot back league and Morreale has played better than Ralph, Vaughn or anyone else they have put at slot.

You hit it bang on -- some individuals in the media hyped this collection beyond reason.

Despite that, I think that what we hve now has real potential, if we can get them the ball. Hill, Flick and Vaughn is are all good imports. Vaughn in particular has had a tough year, facing a lot of double coverage and poorly thrown balls. Peterson and Ralph as Canadians are ratio breakers. Peterson in particular has really come on this year. I had my doubts earlier, but in the last 8-10 games he's played with fire, caught the catchable ones, fought for extra yeards, and laid in some good blocks downfield.

So, would I trade our set straight up for any of your combos? Or even one for one? Simon, Bruce, and Stegall are amongst the very best in the league, if not the best. I'd give Stegall a pass, as he's become injury prone as he's aged. Otherwise, if they were affordable, I'd love to see either of these guys in a Cats uniform. Of the others, maybe Clermont and Miles. Brazell is fizzling in the 'Peg just like he id here. Thewell looked good last night, but against soft coverage.

Hell Yes The All Overrated..

Not one of them are a #1 WR

They Could Be #2 or 3 etc etc etc..

But me Need a 1# Guy who Every Team is Afraid of ..

a Copeland ,Calhoon

Keep Hill cut the rest and re-tool for 2007.

Of course this receiving corps was over-rated going in to 2006. IMO, the only keepers for 2007 are Flick and Vaughan. The rest are just fillers. They aren't guys who make a difference. Even Peterson who some of you are touting as a keeper is too inconsistent--the guy drops too many and when you have a QB that doesn't throw too many that the receivers can get to, you have to catch the catchable ones. :wink:

My jury is still out on Hill although he may be one of the keepers.

Bye-bye to the rest and I'd probably include Morreale as one of those departing. He has been a very good player for a lot of years (and can still get it done on occasion) but if he's still able to play full-time SB on your team, the cats are in trouble.

An Argo fan

yes, our receivers were as over-rated as their QB
they didn't seem to want to stretch it out for some of Maas's overthrown balls
maybe they didn't want to get injured and endanger their chances of being traded to a team with a good QB
i don't know
overall, i wasn't impressed with their collective effort
maybe things would have been different for them if Lancaster had only benched Maas six or seven games ago and handed the torch to Eakin and Williams
we can only hope he benches Maas for the final two games and lets his backups play in tandem
i didn't even bother to go to yesterday's game because i knew it would be a blow-out
and sadly, I couldn't even give my two tickets away here in St. Catharines
i actually ended up dropping them off at our Sports Obsession depot, hoping they'd give them away to our city's other Tiger-Cat fan, whoever that may be
the Tiger-Cats certainly have a lot of work to do in the off-season
the only positive is that Jesse's back

True. The Cats have not had a serious receiving threat since...Earl Winfield. Flutie and Archie were solid and reliable, but they weren't THE guy.

My thoughts are that if you put our receivers with any other team in the league and you'd be looking at 3 or 4 times the production we've gotten. Not only does the scene stink but the QB hasn't hit an open receiver down field more than 2 or 3 times all season. Don't blame the receivers its the QB

our recievers are not over-rated...our QB was over-rated!

The receiving group was satifactory.
Vaughn has the heart of a lion. Peterson has all the tools to be a star in the CFL. Flick is always a threat if you actually try throwing the ball towards him. You can always count on Morreale for the tough yardage. Not mentioned so far are Holmes and Ranek. Both CFL stars last year. Yeast was not always a team guy but still a deep threat. I have never liked Ralph.
Offensive line problems for the first half of the season, poor offensive imagination and a QB that defeats himself are the cause of our grief on this side of the ball.

I look at it this way. If you cut these guys, which ones would be picked up by other teams? Vaughan for sure. Probably Flick. Possibly Peterson as a Canadian depth guy. And the list ends there. Granted the QB was bad for all but 5 or 6 quarters all season and the O-line wasn't anything to write home about, but the receivers as a group were mediocre.

An Argo fan

Ahhh none of our starters would be picked up as starters unless there were injuries .

Vaughn would
Hill would
Flick would
Peterson is Canadian so he would as well

Maybe these guys would not all land up on one team but given a chance in a dispersal draft EVERY one of them would be picked up and would challenge for a starting position. Like any group of players from ANY team some would win the position while some would provide very strong depth.

I seem to remember seeing Bruce and Simon stretching out and doing whatever it took to catch a ball . I didnt see that from Flick all season and never will since he`ll be gone next season I hope .

(habman) I seem to remember seeing Bruce and Simon stretching out and doing whatever it took to catch a ball . I didnt see that from Flick all season and never will since he`ll be gone next season I hope .
Disagree! You'd see Flick and most of our receivers stretch out to make a catch if the ball was anywhere near them. Our passing game is definitely NOT the fault of our receivers, but poor passing from a guy who wants to be home in Edmonton.

The most overrated off-season acquisition was Joe Paopao. Everyone thought he was an offensive genius but his schemes were horrible and no matter how much we've changed our playbook since he left it has left a stench on our whole offence all year.

Next in line would have to be Maas. He's had a bad year and for whatever reason he hasn't hit the receivers. He's had good moments (games vs. Edmonton) but far too many bad moments.

As for the receivers we were all praising Terry Vaughn in the early weeks of the season for his exciting run-after-the-catch abilities and he still can do it, he just isn't seeing the ball as much as he was then. I wouldn't rule out Flick either, he's made some amazing plays. I like Brock Ralph, I think he can be great, but he's still young and needs polishing. Kamau Peterson's had some drops, but I don't think anyone had especially high expectations from him. Yeast was clearly overrated otherwise he'd be playing for another team right now; unless he's just THAT big of a distraction.

I like our receiving corps and I think they'll be much improved come next season with a brand new offence and improved QB play.

i`ll say it again , do you think any team in the CFL would trade thier recieving core for ours ????

The anwser is "NO" but i only see one receiver I
would think is very over rated and that is RALPH
Replace him with a Hill type receiver and we are

How can it be said that the receivers are no good when they are trying to catch balls which are 10 yards short,10yards too far, up in the stands or being caught by the hotdog vendor. These are guys who have 1000 yard seasons. Vaughn has over 1000 receptions. I would call that a go to guy. Flick could be a go to guy if the ball was thrown in the field of play. That's my 11/2 cents worth