We're now at the mercy of..........

...............Paul Lapolice. That's the crappy thing about football. The co-ordinators are everything in this game. They call everything, and no matter what players are out there, the play calling is at least 50% of the equation in winning a game. You can have Brady and the Patriots in here playing Calgary next week, but when they are at the mercy of the
Co-ordinators, that is not even a lock for a win. We need Lapoilce to have the best week of practice out of anyone else in this organization, which makes it very frustrating. Oh for the good old days when the players called their own game.

It doesn't matter what play is called if the players don't execute. It's not LaPolice's fault that the O-line didn't block or that Wes Cates can't get up enough steam to hit the holes before they close. Nobody was critizing LaPolice when we were tying games with seconds left.

Well when your asking them to block for 10 seconds on every play while the called play developes, then yeh it is the "call" that needs to be addressed. Each team has different strengths and weakneses. It is the co-ordinators job to figure out what the opposition is doing in a hurry and adjust to it. As for Cates, if he isn't getting the steam before he hits the line, maybe try a pitch and move outside wide on a few run plays. Time to expand from the 3 versions of the same run play that they now use 99% of the time. I'm not neccessarily critisizing Lapolice, as sometimes he does a great job. However sometimes it's the same old, all game long, and that is what scares me. Put the players in a position to be successful with their skillset, against the oppositions skillset, instead of trieing to beat a dead horse all game long because the opposition is doing something that you did't think they would be doing. As for the late ties recently, Durant earlier on this year, said his favorite part of being a Q.B. is the last two minutes of a half, in a tight game, because then he gets more input on the play calling. So it wasn't neccessarily Lapolice that was engineering those comebacks, although it may have been. All I'm saying is that without a very creative gameplan, trouble will be brewing.

He definitely calls too many draws

You guys could always bring back bellefuille as OC :wink:

I liked him, but honestly he wasnt that great either. I seem to recall way to many passes to the flats and 3-5 yards passes on 2nd and long

I’m thinking we’re starting to play mind games with ourselves. We’re not at the mercy of anyone. The players have been training for the last 5+ months. Through repetition, the guys will do their job to the best of their ability. Go have a nice soak in a hot tub and ponder something other than football and the Riders.

And it's not just him.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have found that this season, almost all teams, when faced with second and long, as in 10 yards and over, basically give up and run a draw play or a straight running play, which will work and get the yardage required maybe once in 20 times.

i've seen it of course in other seasons, but this season it seems to have become an epidemic, and I find it annoying.

If you're basically going to give up on the play, and punt on third, forget the draw play, surprise everyone and try a quick kick (it's still in our rule book, although I can't recall the last time I saw some team actually try it).

Yes forum Master, whatever you say. Let me know when I can come back on and express my views and concerns.

well, I think some of the fans are panicking a little..

i'm sure they'll be well prepared for the Game tomorrow, and we'll be just fine :slight_smile: