We're not paying Corey Holmes nearly enough....

When you look at the Depth Chart http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=d ... pth_id=128 for Saturday's game, it shows he is both second and third string rb. :lol:

Edit: Looks like the powers that be have corrected the boo boo. :thup:

Thats funny considering that Holmes isnt even playing tomorrow...I wonder who the backup is? It has to be Davis??

You know, in the thread title there was something that I at first thought was a typo. But that I wondered if it was intentional. I could not be sure if it was a thread about Holmes' playing time or salary until I read the thread. It turned out being the former, which I suppose makes more sense now that he has signed that contract. But some might say that perhaps we're not paying him enough. I can see him earning a raise. And with the news (which you can click here to read) of the CFL's salary cap now being raised to $4.05 million...


Seriously though, Holmes being listed on the depth chart has been discussed in two other threads already. You can click here for one of them and you can click here for the other. Holmes is listed on the depth chart, but he was also on last week's chart, as you can see if you click here.