We're not American for crying out loud

Last night at the game Jason Farr AND Leslie Stewart both blew it big time pronunciation-wise. They are both supposed to be professionals, yet for some unknown reason are unable to pronounce Lieutenant-Colonel correctly. Both used the pronunciation as "Lew-ten-ant Kernal" rather than the correct "Lef-ten-ant Kernal". In other words they used the American rather than Canadian pronunciation.

When the team was honouring Canadian troops last night at half-time and Leslie Stewart was interviewing a Canadian and not American officer, to mispronounce his rank is HUGELY disrespectful, even if unintentional. I was glad to see the officer in question ignored their apparent total ignorance of the correct Canadian military pronunciation and in fact handled the interview with a great deal of class. It just goes to show that our troops deserve every honour we can possibly give them. We can NEVER pay them back for all of their sacrifices on our behalf.

An official team apology would seem to be in order....

Oh come on. I'm sure they meant no disrespect and I'm sure the brave soldiers among us didn't take any offense to it. I thought it was a very nice tribute and I"m sorry that you were offended by that, but I was just happy to have the opportunity to stand and give a cheer for the people who selflessly sacrifice in an attempt to make the world a little safer and better.

God bless our troops and their families

I feel that I have some valid input on this matter. It's not an insult, it is pure ignorance. These people are in the media, how much time does it take to research the correct pronunciation of Lieutenant? Would it be too much to expect to have these so-called media personalities to actually ask the Lt Col how to pronounce his name and rank?

Hats off to the officer for handling the interview with grace and politeness. BIG thumbs down for those clowns who cannot be bothered to do a little research...

As I said in my original post

I wasn't calling into question their intent, merely the result of their total lack of professionalism and knowledge.

I see sigpig has weighed in on this issue. Although, I respect and value his opinion, based on his military service, I still must disagree with him. I am reminded that only 40% of Canadians in a recent poll by the Dominion Institute recognized Sir John A MacDonald (our first Prime Minister) by his picture (even though it's also on every ten dollar bill, lol). If we as citizens have so little knowledge of our traditions and history, I am truly frightened of the possible outcome of that ignorance.

I will now get down from my soap box. As you were...

we have a military????? :frowning:

It's just a joke before you get your knickers in a uproar.


Actually my knickers usually only get into an "uproar" after eating pork and beans. (See the fireside scene in Blazing Saddles).

[quote="Mikefrmthhammer"][quote="GeoffW"]we have a military????? :frowning:

NOT funny hombre...not when 122 have died in combat. :thdn:

I knew it. :roll:

So at what point will it be acceptable to poke fun at the size of the peashooters and rowboats we now use to defend Alberta?

I can understand people in the media using US expressions, they just read from a card they don't do any reasearch. Other ignorant no no's are "the flags were at "Half staff" In Canada its "Half Mast" or another one is "about face" in Canada its "about turn"

I have to agree with Smokeystover1…you’re attempt at humour is just not funny its insulting.
Yes 122 killed and we do have one of the finest militarys.

If you're talking about soldiers, then yes, but ask a soldier how safe they feel patrolling in the piece of crap vehicles they're forsed to work with. Face it our government has and always will be cheap with our defence budget, there are probably third world countries who have more up to date equipment then ours.

I am very very sorry for any harm I may have caused with my insensitive/insulting remarks as "we have a military? " which by the way have been said by thousands of other Canadians.(including ex servicemen/women)
Now that I read them over I am totally disgusted in myself for spuing such hatred comments as " we have a military?'
Again , very sorry.

Classy apology. :thup: :thup:

I spent twenty-six years in the Armed Forces and "Lef-ten-ant" is rarely ever heard. It was always "Lew-ten-ant".

And as sick to death as I am at hearing "jokes" like GeoffW's, I will resist the urge to say what I really think.

don't hold back. Please do tell us what you really think.
You know you're dieing to say it...just say it.

After all it can't be any worse than " we have a military?"
That is about as worse as it gets around here.

I took your apology to be from the heart, GeoffW.

By goading people to tell you what they really think
you draw attention to your remark about the miltary.

You remind me of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford

who keeps digging himself further into the hole
by apologizing for more of his past indiscretions.

I think the solution is to promote all Lts to Capts. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

look... the poke was never intended to be directed at those who have/had served this country. Nor was it meant to insult or disgrace those who have fallen trying to either defend or fight for what they(gov) think is right.
It WAS intended to make fun of the lack of ALL resources that the gov. has provided for the above.
As I mentioned earlier , past and present service people have made similar comments and because of it's lack of commitment , it has been a joke.

It was harmless for gods sake. :roll:

I certainly don't take it as a joke. In fact, it's pretty insulting and shows your ignorance.

8) Don't try and blame the present federal government for the lack of resources provided to our military men and women !!!!
   The former Liberal government all but decimated our once proud military, to the point that they almost had to start over from scratch  !!!           <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->