We're No. 1, We're No. 1

As a guy having to listen to the game online (CHML, no disrespect) from New Zealand (because no one wants my money to stream the game online for me) and having to wait the the highlights to appear :x ), I love the leap in the standings to first place. The haters seem to be slow to show up this week, as they always are after a good win as this one was (they all are, right :thup: ). Or maybe they begrudgingly agree in absentia...yea right. First step of a journey and all that, It was team win.

Great WIN, GO 'Cats! :rockin:

Almost as good, the Arghos are in last. :smiley:

It's a beautiful thing!!!


Just like the final standings in 1959, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965…


Yup, from last to first in the East with one win. Only in the CFL. Hopefully they can stay there for a while.

I don't think I would be going out on a limb if I stated there appears to be a lack of parity between east and west. At least at this point. Lots of season left to play, and many teams are being impacted by a rash of injuries.

The Ti-Cats were close to winning in both Edmonton and Calgary, and from what I have seen the Ti-Cats currently look like the best team in the East regardless of how the standing currently look. Ottawa will take a bit to build, and once they get a few injuries (they got a few last night thanks to a tough Ti-Cat D and special teams) they will run into depth issues. Montreal has a QB question to answer. Toronto has some serious injuries on offense. The Ti-Cats will still need to have a QB rise to the top to go far this year, but I think they have some good candidates, and a great set of receivers and running back to support.

Go Cat.

There have been four close games (1, 3, 4, and 8 points) between east and west teams this year, and the west won all four. Had those gone the other way, the two divisions would be a bit closer. But the rest of the games, the blow outs, have definitely favoured the west. So while the west is doing better than the east, it may net be by as much as the standings indicate.

And as you say, the Ticats have lost two of those close games, so could easily be at six points instead of two, tied with both Calgary and Edmonton.

Western domination?
It may be not exactly as it appears.
The West teams have played 14 home games compared to just 6 for the East so far this season
It is true that WPG,EDM, and CGY have played well, but,
BC and SSK have played a couple of real bad ones!
The West has had a much better home schedule
Perhaps things will change when the schedule evens out.

I might add a couple of observations that support this:

Western teams (BC/Saskatchewan) have been defeated when playing in the east - @Toronto.@Montreal - and neither of those teams are looking that good so far this season. Eastern teams are not having much success when playing in the west (Toronto/Montreal) but the Ticats are the only Eastern team that has looked competitive in 2 out of 3 road games in the west. Guess we will see how we fare playing at home against the (western) Bombers this coming week.