We're Lucky To Have Glenn

8) When all is said and done, the Cats are certainly lucky now to have Kevin Glenn in the fold.
   Lots of folks on this site complained that signing him was a mistake because he was either too old, 
   or he was washed up at this point in his career !!!

   His presence now is even more valueable considering that QP has re-injured that same MCL that he 
   initially suffered last season, and missed some games as a result.

    Obie knows that you need a veteran QB on the team, especially when you are grooming a young one.

     Had it not been for Glenn last night, who knows how bad that final score could have been !!!

      Don't see too many people knocking Kevins signing at this point in time  !!!

I think we should have put Glenn in even sooner.
He actually deserved to star a few games ago.
Even in our wins, Porter has not beenn stellar.
If it wasn't for our defense and especially Cobb, we wouldn't have won those games.
Porter may or may not be our QB of the future, but he's not ready to be our starting QB.
He needs to be groomed, noit thrown to the wolves.
Look at the development of most of the top QBs(ie: Anthony Calvillo).
Glenn was most outstanding player in 2007...that wasn't that long ago and he's not that old.

So is Porter out for a while with an injury? Were his lame duck throws last night because of injuries? Glenn came in and did an ok job. He certainly was not stellar last night though.

Glenn has looked good coming on in relief of Porter. Assuming Porter to be healthy, I wonder if they might consider trying it the other way around; start Glenn and bring Porter on in the second half. Maybe allowing him to watch the first half, and not putting him under pressure as the starter, might help bring him along.

Totally agree. Makes much more sense.

It might work.

Then again, it might not. . . maybe Glenn himself plays better coming off the bench and maybe he'd struggle as the starter.

Only one way to find out, I suppose. . .

also remember how well porter did last year when he came in after one of printers "injuries"

I thought Glenn played very well. I’d like to see him run a little more often like Porter. But he has a quick release and he can really read the defense.

nice long ball to :smiley: