we're lucky it wasn't 55-14

With all the missed throws and drops etc by Toronto we really are lucky the score was as close as it was. There was the out and up they missed on the second series where our db fell down, the dropped pass in the endzone, the goal line stand, the deep ball where the receiver miss judged the ball. I'm only pointing this out because all the talk is about our q.b situation, when in reality there is a hell of a lot more areas of concern than just one guy.

I hope you're not blaming the defence? The defence played pretty well I though. The Argos did make a few big plays but its the CFL every team gets a couple....even us! Think about the hustle that Karikari showed. He could have just let Mitchell walk into the endzone for a TD he tracked him down make the tackle and the defense came up with a big goal line stand to give us hope. As it turned out it didn't matter but at least all the guys on Defense are busting their a$$es the same can't be said for the O-line or QB's

Can't agree. I think the D was awful. Bishop had all day to throw and the receivers had plenty of time to get open. The secondary had a lot of trouble covering the Argo receivers. Only Moreno, McKay-Loescher and Armour were good on D yesterday. Maybe they're busting their a**es but most of the guys aren't good enough.

The Argo offence is not very good, their go-to guy Arland Bruce didn't play and Bishop was rusty but they still managed to score easily. They lost yesterday for many reasons and the D is one of the main ones.

An Argo-Cat fan

I have to disagree with you Barney. I thought the D played quite well, considering they were on the field all day long under that brutal sun (I'm radioactive).

I think the defensive problems are all "easily" solved by a solid pass rush. McKay can't do it alone and he seems to be the only guy out there getting any pressure. More pressure up the middle means the opposing receivers don't get open.

Realistically, another solid DE and our defence is as good or better than any other in the league. We've got the two best young linebackers and a phenomonel end in McKay. Cody is great and the rest of the backs are quality players.

It all starts up front. A good pass rush forces the opposing offence to react to you, rather than vice-versa.

I am going to have to side with 'in4td' on this one Mr. Fife.

The defense played quite well. They had a solid first half pressuring Bishop and didn't allow him to leave the pocket and scramble like he and other quarterbacks have against us in the past.

The secondary had a few break downs, but as it was mentioned, that happens in every CFL game to every team, even the top teams.

The defensive line did wear down by the end of the game, but that was due to them playing long stretches due to some questionable penalty calls, and the pressure of having to win the game themselves because we all knew the offense wasn't going to help them.

Seeing Clinton Wayne step up in the middle and the team fielding the same secondary for the first time this season was pleasant.

Looking at drops, blown coverages and things like that in hindsight is all just a moot point. You could dissect every play and say if it wasn't for this or for that, we would have lost.

The bottom line is you aren't going to win many football games in the CFL, or any football league for that matter, by scoring one offensive touchdown.

My Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa list:

  • Two blue chip American offensive tackles

  • Casey Printers

  • a slighty more vertical playbook

  • a servicable American backup runningback (for when Jesse gets hurt)

  • and then some continuity for a prolonged period of time!

  • paul

Ummm, excuse me?

Time of possesion: 32:35 for Hamilton, 27:25 for Toronto. http://www.cfl.ca/stats_pdf_game/2007/43team.pdf

The defence was not on the field all night and they didn't play very well. They were burned for 50 yard gains almost 5 times.

I'll have to side with Barney.

If I am not mistaken, the Argos held the ball for much longer in the second half though. Especially in the 3rd quarter when the outcome of the game was truly decided.

  • paul

The fact remains that Toronto's offense with Bishop back has a long way to go before they're even November-ready. The first TD given up was not some thread the needle masterpiece, but an easily-battable ball that Anderson simply didn't make a play on when the opportunity to deflect was clearly his. Bishop was also in divot-making mode, albeit on an AstroPlay surface, for much of the game. Ring rust? Undoubtedly. Yet I wasn't agog at the opponent come game's end. Toronto is beatable to the point of buried alive mode by Saskatchewan and B.C. in the Grey Cup sweeps as of right now.

Oski Wee Wee,

Oski, I think the Argos will be hard pressed to just make the playoffs given the threat from the West via the cross over. Their offense is still anemic and supposedly they are about to sign Boerigter which shows how desparate they are. Actually, I'm wondering if they're holding off on the Boerigter deal to see if they can sign Printers. They are grasping at straws hoping that something pans out for them.

And am I the only one to see that O'Shea is done? I watched him closely yesterday and he wasn't in on many tackles nor did he pursue like he did just 2-3 years ago. He may still call a good defensive game but physically I think he's done.

An Argo-Cat fan

It is all about peaking at the right time, and facing this Ticat squad is just the elixir a team like the ____s need. Just like last year.

Who knows if they can compete with the much stronger western teams in November, but we all know the Als playoff record with A.C. isn't great and this will be Kevin Glenn's first time being "the man" come playoff time.

We will see! If I was a betting man, I know who I would put my money on. The team with a strong defence and special teams and a strong armed quarterback chucking it to Arland Bruce and Co.

I hate the ____s and most of their fans as much as anyone, but I like their odds to make an appearance in the Grey Cup. Even if they watch another team hoist it at the end of the game.

  • paul

I'm not sure what the quarter break downs are, but after the first half it was around 16:00 to 14:00 in favour of the TiCats. (Which seems crazy because the total offence was like 220 yards to 80 in favour of the Argos at half....but that's what it was.) So, considering the Argos had the ball for even less time in the second half than the first, this argument is out the window.

I'm not trying to pin this loss on the defence at all because the offence was really bad, but the D was by no stretch of the imagination "good".