Were Last In the League for QB sacks

…and it was the lack of rushing pressure on the QB Sat night that was the main contributor to the loss. 30 points should have been enough.

against such an explosive offense, even 40 may not have been enough.

I didn't think that Edmontons offense was that explosive. When Stamps caught the ball, that was the only time they stretched the field. Edmonton looks like us in that they look for the underneath stuff and try to pound the ball on the ground.

They weren't last night, but they often rip teams apart throwing deep. And I do mean often. They even came back from a 22 point deficit against SSK and won.

I'm not sold on your defense at all. The pressure up front is generally good, but the tackling is god-awful, especially against the run, and your DBs are getting beaten deep more often than is normal.

But didn't we have 3 sacks this game???

Yup... to the Esks' 0.

And besides, I think anyone will agree that I'd rather have 13 sacks and be 4-4 than 19 sacks and be 2-6. :wink: Do we need to get a little more pressure? Sure - it would only help us, but let's not lose perspective. :smiley:

No Garrett no Adams.

Doesn't seem to matter, Murphy is okay for his first real start, and Kirk is a beast, long's doing well also.

Agreed its not sacks we need its tackles on the first try so many missed tackles or poor attempts at tackles when guys shouldve been stopped for a loss or little to no gain

The only stat that matters is the one in the W column.

It should also be noted that we no longer are last in the league in sacks, that honour now goes to Edmonton...

Oh wait a minute, what was your point again...?

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Either way is as significant as sack totals.

Actually we are tied with Edmonton for sacks both of us with 12 as per my count from Cfl.ca so atleast were not in the basement of sack totals alone :stuck_out_tongue: