Were is Thyron Anderson

Were is Thyron Anderson now because Montreal need some help in their pass game with the deep ball the :twisted: :lol:

Why am I getting images of the remake of "Poseidon"

Where has he gone? Who cares? As long as it's not here, I'm happy.

Thurmon is a huge ugprade on Anderson.


Hey moderator, can you at least have the decency to write me a private message on this site and explain to me why you are editing all of my posts! It is pretty cheap to edit my posts and not even give me a warning. Although, I don't know why I would get a warning.

Put on your pants and be a man. Tell me why you edit my posts.

The only moderator that even posts in this forum is RO. I don't understand how you can have moderators who don't even contribute to a community. I guess it is normal in a league that drafts deceased individuals...

Lay off the mods, guys. Being a forum moderator is a thankless job. I should know, I moderate on another board. :wink:

AVRO1313 Rocks !