were is strasser?

What happened to Kevin Strasser the man in charge of the ALs passing game the last 4 seasons even when Berry was there? After the Als said he didn't run the ball enough and use playaction enough they let him go - now what is he doing?[/b]

Holy crap, thats his name Strasser. Not only should he still be the the O coordinator, he should be the freaken HEAD COACH!!! He is young and he brings a spark to the team. I love the Als, but I hope they get their butts kicked this season for letting Stasser go. Toronto is going to cream them tonight. I have a feeling McMahon is going to have a breakout game.

Well let me play devil's advocate here....there is one thing that I like about our new coordinator that used to drive me nuts with Strasser. Cut and frame this, it may be the only nice thing I say about Bellefeuille all year.

Strasser, for some unknown reason, seemed to be in love with that horrid "hitch screen" pass to the wideout. Usually, on a good day, it amounted to all of 2 yards. Other days it meant a loss. But he kept getting AC to call it and call it and call it......

This year, that play appears to have been removed from the playbook completely.

And that's a good thing.

So there, something good about Bellefeuille!

Kevin Strasser is the wide receivers coach at Portland State University.

True, he was nammed on March 23rd.

And Don Matthews as something to do with it...

Here is a link to Strasser's bio:http://www.goviks.com/sports/football/coach/bio.asp?COACH_ID=224

Montreal is doing better right now, and that is a good thing. But, no matter what anybody says, Stasser should be the head coach. Popp is a buisness man, not a team leader. Strasser is a coach and should be the head coach because at least he has a few brains, unlike Popp. I mean, he let Terrence Edwards go to Winnepeg because of a clerical error. How stupid do you have to be!?

MadJack, I hate to burst your bubble, but I HAVE seen the dreaded hitch screen pass at least once this year. :slight_smile: So it's not entirely out of the playbook.

Yes, I saw it that game too.....but cut me some slack, they ran it AFTER I had made that post!

And they also (oh the SHOCK) ran a screen pass!! It's about darn time.

Actually, I thought the offensive game plan against Calgary was a vast improvement over what we had been seeing. No longer were we going to 5 yard outs when we needed 7, or 4 yard curls when we needed 6.......plus the running game was more varied than a simple handoff and bash up the middle.

So, begrudgingly albeit, have to give Bellefeuille some credit for waking up and correcting some things.

Except that we are still terrifyingly predictable on second and short. Any idiot knows we're going to hand off to the RB up the gut because we do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. This has to change. We could do any of the following:

  • fullback option
  • quick hit to a wideout
  • RB as decoy to set up a long pass
  • double RBs to confuse the D
  • running play on the outside with a faster back like Cobourne or Imoh (when he's healthy), or even with a fast receiver (Bratton or Davis)

Agreed. We aren't out of the woods just yet, but I do think the offensive scheme was improved in the Calgary game. Not as much improved as it could and should be, as per your post for a fine example, but improved nonetheless. If we can keep improving each time out, we should be peaking at the right time of year.....and for a change, it looks like this year when we head out to BC in 2 weeks, which has always been a graveyard for us, we actually have a chance this year, what with DD and Pierce both out longterm.

However, it will not surprise me to see Wally pull the trigger on a deal to get a QB with CFL experience. Crandell or Maas maybe (heck, he may even be talking to Popp about Brady and/or Banks).

Agreed. We do seem to be making incremental gains. Calvillo is finally starting to get comfortable throwing the deep ball again. If we can just cut down on the procedure penalties, we might have something here.

And yeah, I too would love to see us get off the schnide and beat B.C. for the first time in what seems like 100 years. They've owned us the past few seasons and it's time for that to change.

However, it will not surprise me to see Wally pull the trigger on a deal to get a QB with CFL experience. Crandell or Maas maybe (heck, he may even be talking to Popp about Brady and/or Banks).
I really hope other teams don't panic and gouge Wally for all he's worth. This guy has been sitting on starter-quality QBs for years (Printers, Pierce). I'd like him to get a taste of what it's like to have no proven backup. Man, do I hate Wally Buono.

Guys, I see that you watched the same game I did. Though, maybe we see it a bit differently.

In the first half, the Als ran the ball and AC threw a lot of intermediate passes. Ok, so no hail Marries, but who cares... The Als ran the ball and passed for more than ten yards. The offense was awesome!
In the 3rd quarter, AC, for some reason (Bellefeuille) was passing (on almost every down) and was throwing those frustrating 4 yard curls... The Als were going 2 and out on almost every possession. Calgary came back, because they always had the ball!

Fourth quarter, Payton is back, he runs (does not fumble) and AC connects on many intermediate passes (no more pussy football).

I think that the key for the MTl offense, run, and stretch the field. But, Marcel, needed a quarter to realise this. A quarter is too long. That is why I don't like the guy...

Seems to me we are all on the same page. The offence has improved incrementally over the season; third quarter last game was poor, but that's an improvement over a whole second half being poor. If we could just eliminate that third quarter and play a full game the way we did in quarters 1, 2, and 4, we'll do just fine.

Bellefeuille is so rigid and conservative it drives me nuts. It's like he loses his nerve in the third quarter of every game and reverts back to his crappy 4-yard curl / run up the gut combo because he thinks he's protecting the lead. In reality, all he does is let the other team back into the game.

alouettes need an ex-player who can relate to players to become the playcaller, they need a baller who can role with the punches.