were is Caretaker Bob??

I guess it like saying where is Waldo?
Anyone else miss Bob Young Being online?
Where is our Caketaker(owner)
I miss his updates.

better question, where's our mods? spam galore and nothing being done about it.

I havent noticed any spam or any reason fo rthe mods to be needed. If you start a thread about Eric Tillman they'll sure show up pretty quick. lol

Mwwwahhhhh :lol: That's funny.

I think there might be a STFU Bob Young clause in Obilovich's contract :lol:

I been PM'ing the Mods about the spam and giving them links

He's probably out in the real world making cash to pay for this nonsense. I feel for the guy actually and thank him for his committment to keeping his word. Lesser men would have bailed by now.

The one thing I enjoy the most about the Ticats, and the CFL in general, is how approachable the players and coaches are. A good example is today's season ticket pickup party. We get to mingle, on the field no less, with players, coaches and cheerleaders. By having Bob post on this site, it made the average fan that much more connected to their team. This is what I miss the most about his sojourn. I hope he starts posting again really soon.

I don't think there is a team in pro sports that is as inovative and attentive to their fans as the Tiger-Cats. The payoff will be even better once the team starts winning and fighting for the GC.

The one think Can't knock Bob for his Pays the Bills
He always has a great Front office Staff with all of his Companies MRX Ticats Lulu