We're in trouble, Bombers have a QB!!!

One of the benefits of the CFL is that we provide such detailed access to our teams via all the content the league's websites provide. Here are the Blue Bombers giving away all the secrets to beating us on the weekend even without Drew Willy.


Brohm insists that he knows all our secrets. Damn. We may as well mail this one in and save the airfare.

;-) ;-) ;-)

The way Orlandos been preparing I feel like we can give grief to any offence at this point!!

Willy was taking first team reps today.

The Peglets now have a Brohm in the home. or a Brohm closet. :wink:

8) Considering that a lot of ex TiCats come back to gain revenge on us for letting them go, Brohm would just love to
   prove a point to us, and make us regret letting him go.

   Undoubtedly  he would love to beat us, that is for sure.
   Realistically do I think that will happen ???    NO !!

    As long as the Cats don't take this game for granted,  we should win !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

A furrowed brow on both of them reveals worry.
I wonder what Pete Dyakowski would say?

If Brohm starts, Norwood may have his first 10 sack game.

If Willy starts, Norwood will only have 5 sacks.

"He cannot be stopped, he can only be contained."

If Brohm starts he only has seen the defence on practice speed not game speed anyways everybody in the league looks at film and will try and counter the defence its all about adjustments

I'm going to Winnipeg to Cheer on our cats who is with me? Where are you staying? Where will we Tailgate.....
Oskee Wee Wee

When I first read this thread title I thought Tom Clements had come out of retirement. Since this is not the case, there is no need to worry. Three in a row come Saturday night (should be five 'tho).

Should be great game. Well see how Zach attack handles the crowd noise in Winterpeg.

24-13 Sweetness and Light

I'll give them one td since the refs always seem to gift the other teams Offence a bunch of bs calls.

A win in hostile environment is just what the doctor ordered.

:thup: :thup: Willy needed to engineer a last second TD drive to beat us by one point a couple of months ago! This team has improved since then! :cowboy:

Brohm IMO should be thanking the Ticats. Where would he have been on the Ticats depth chart especially at the beginning of the season? Not #2 as he is in Winnipeg. MAYBE #3. He would likely have been just holding a clipboard here instead of getting some experience (e.g. short yardage) as a #2 backup.

Don't think you will have much to worry about sir. With the way you guys have been playing lately , Brohm will be lucky to reach his career stat in this game!!! By the way, he is a career 7 for 14 for 41 yards.

Lets hope the combination of Hickman and Norwood can kick the crap out of what ever QB the Peggers decides to go with. :thup:

Probably something that would make them doubt their self-worth.

Secret number 1 - Their linebackers hit really hard, so don't let them hit me.

Secret number 2 - Their Defensive Linemen hit really hard, so don't let them hit me

Secret number 3 - Kent Austin is a really scary dude, so don't let him yell at me.

Secret number 4 - They are going to try to score more points then us, in the allotted amount of time

Secret number 5 - I heard when I was there, that guy Hickman they brought back, he apparently hits really hard, so don't let him hit me.