We're gonna put some points on the board.

Start with the WR's. Morreale is the veteran/# 1 guy in the slot. We've then got Brock Ralph on the outside, three guys that I've never heard of (Birungi, Curry, Maeko), and a kick return specialist (Fowlkes).
Coupled with our QB trio of Maas/Butler/Williams, we're gonna light up the scoreboard this year. :cry:

Its way to early to start retarded comments like that....free agency hasnt even started yet. Maybe we are making room to trade for a WR like Clermont.

Lol, I know. There's just a BIT of sarcasm in that post.


Just what we need a QB who can't complete
50% of his passes!

Birungi played at Acadia last year. He's a beast and canadian. Goodbye Morreale!

lol, its yuke yukez night in ticats land tonight let me tell yah.

Forget Clermont. 2007 is his last year in BC. Mortgage the house and place this bet. He will be in Saskatchewan for 2008.