We're gonna get an ass whipping against the bombers

damn were gonna lose so bad. they have looked increasingly better every week and have i defence allen won't be able to beat. theres no way the argo's defence will contain Charles Roberts.

You'll see, they say this exact same thing every game

A TO fan doubting his team? Is this real? LOL

So much for the ass whipping... :stuck_out_tongue:

obviously just some 12 year old winnipeg boy, being retarded. Argos should of won that game by a lot more...

What are you whining about? A win's a win

WE WON..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a bomber fan, I was really impressed with the argo oline, not so much opening holes for Avery, but the pass protection. But I will say this, if the Argos hadnt brought their A game and the bombers werent so rusty from the layoff, the score would have been reversed.

Yes, I agree and thanks…but the ARGOS only had 3 days rest and fumbled 2 times…in the WINNIPEG red zone…the scrore could have been allot worse for the Bombers. :wink: