We're Gold.....once again

From the Spectator this morning:

And here is something for Cat fans to look forward to. The club plans to return to their traditional yellow pants for next season instead of the whites that have been the fashion in recent seasons.


Here's the whole article:

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They could at least update the pants so they go with the current jersey.

The return to tradition with the gold pants is a great decision. Thank You.

Wonder if they're still keeping the black pants.

From the article. "The club plans to return to their traditional yellow pants for next season instead of the whites that have been the fashion in recent seasons."

Too bad, since the all white look of Labour Day was pretty neat.

Guess we'll have to go for an all gold look next year.

I Did not mind The Pants
I don't care if We Where Kilts and Bag Pipes
I Did mind Losing all but Two Home Games..

But Give a Go for one more Season..

Just goes to show you that if you poke your head into enough offices and bother enough people, you can make anything happen.

The gold pants were U-G-L-Y with the white jerseys. TAlk about BLAH! I always hated the cats away uniforms. The white pants look waaaay better with white jerseys. If they change the pants they gotta change the jerseys to match. And please don't make them those "traditional" yellow pants. They sucked. When i look back on pictures through the last few years I realize how ugly they were. Some older fans need to learn that traditions die. Move on.

Good post.

Would that be like...just goes to show if you cause enough distractions,etc. at practices, they will close them to the fans???

Just wondering???

To get back to the white pants...I never liked them.

I'm for Black and Gold! :thup:

zzzzzing lol

And you're complaining because...?

Mikey, could you please try to persuade them to lower beer prices? :wink:

Lower Beer Prices..
I think the Should Raise them Higher..
Here my Reason Less Drunken Fans...

If Beer was $10 to $14 Dollars a Cup
People won't buy 6 10 12 During a game..
Meaning less Problems for Us
I Don't mind People Drinking at Ticat Games..
what I do Mind is someone being So Drunk they Cause
Problems.. Get into Fights ect ect ect.

Raising the Price will Lower the Problem..
Mind you it won't fix it..

If you lower the Price it will Only make it worse..

I am there to watch Football Not to watch People Over Drink..

if the cats continue to lose maybe the beer should be free for all the fans at the games

And if Mikey can do that...then lets send him over to OLGC (lottery office) and get him to wire up the lottery machine to pull us out the winning numbers.

Better still..."why not get him to give us the Sunday paper on Saturday afternoon so we can have those numbers". Get to work mikey...do that one and we could clean up on pro-line too! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here we go again..... :roll:

Seems the perfect lottery scam was already going on according to the news today....they beat me to it! :lol:

Yeah, I'm excited that the team uniform will be similar to what we were used to back in the late 90's. (Pittsburgh Steeler style) A lot of us were campaigning for the change in these forums and it looks like we were given due consideration....thanks!

Also, I think the beer prices should go even higher! (I only drink Tim Hortons coffee at the games anyways so it's no skin off my butt...lol.... :cowboy: )

No, Mikey, L-O-W-E-R. I'll have to work with you on that one!

Well, with so many hands in the pie for the beer revenues, I can understand why they have to set the price that high at stadiums and other venues. From manufacturer to the consumer, there must be at least 5 levels of revenue sharing....

Hint:......make moonshine! :lol:

Getting back to what is important, the team, since the yellow pants are returning then the team should go back to the original logo.

i wish i could see what it woul d look like, anybody have any comp programs where they can make apic of our uniform what it would look like with yellow pants?