We're going to WIN tonight

You heard here first, folks, we're going to beat them tonight. :wink:


haha, who called it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, great red zone production tonight, the team is clearly jelling. Lumsden, what can I say, if he keeps up at this pace he could be a candidate for Outstanding Player, seriously! I loved when he RAN OVER the Winnipeg player for the first down, and when he collided with the player on the one yard line to get the touchdown late in the game. Excellent excellent play.

Maas seems to be improved too, he was throwing nice long balls... starting to look more and more like the Maas of old, and just in time, I think he was out the door if we lost this game, or at least relegated to 2nd string. Lets see if he can be consistant now.

Overall, great game, the best Tiger-Cat game I have been too in the last 5 years and of the Bob Young era (may it be long and prosperous). We have a team girls and boys!!! Watch out Edmonton, Montreal and especially Torontos. And naysayers, give'm a break this week, will yah? We just LITTERALLY RAN OVER one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the league!! Hop back on that banwagan!! :wink: