"We're going to kick..."

Sure, if that's what you want to believe. Won't stop non-Cats fans from finding it silly, especially when it's used as the basis for perceiving yourselves as the wronged, injured citizens of the CFL. :lol:

Also, if you think it's not open to debate on this forum, I suggest you read the site's code of conduct again...

Don't force me to create a poll. I can establish beyond contestation, through a consensus of my peers, that the Tiger-Cats represent all that is good with the world and the Alouettes represent ... the other stuff.

[i]And the next wise arse that calls Johnny "Johnny cupcakes", will get something from Johnny… Not cupcakes, but a jersey fruit bowl! :cowboy:

Google it![/i]

Classic :thup: :cowboy:

15 Grey Cups. :cowboy:
According to CFL media guide it is 8 and No the Redblacks can't claim the Rough Riders Cups either.
I agree the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have won only 8 grey cups (still more than the Larks) but that is denying the history of the team. Since the Hamilton Tigers are a direct ancestor of the Tiger-Cats having been formed by the amalgamation with the Wildcats in 1950 then their 5 Grey Cups are countable as well as the one by the Flying Wildcats. The one by the Alerts may or may not be countable as I'm not sure if they amalgamated with the Tigers (I know the majority of their players joined the Tigers the year after their Grey Cup victory). This is unlike the REDBLACKS which is not a descendant of the Rough Riders, but is actually their own entity. This is why the REDBLACKS are unable to claim the RR's Grey Cups as their own.

BTW my t-shirt bought from the Ticats indicates the team was established in 1869 not 1873. Think about that for history. Almost as old as the damn country.

[i]Expat, no one is criticizing you for "favouritising" your team. DUH! Are you in politics? Are you a conservative? Nice straw man argument :roll:

Thanks for apologizing and addressing a problem that does not exist. Can you also apologize for the rings around Saturn? [/i]

Johnny, go home (nobody wants to play) and take your Italics with you, have a nice day, not.
Go Cats Go

Funny how you label Higgins a "failed Mensa applicant" in your sig line, yet somehow yourself failed to pick up on ExPat's sarcasm. lmfao. :lol:

I’m getting tired of all these juvenile threads “We’re going to kick………,? “Be Loud Be Proud?, “Tom Higgins says the Crowd won’t make much of a difference?, “Bring the Noise Ticats Nation? etc

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………… It's getting boring .?GET ON WITH THE GAME ?

I promise I won't call you "Johnny Cupcakes" ever again.......NOT !!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy:


I'm sorry but let's bring back the poop jokes. "Bear"? "Woods"? C'mon this is comedy gold!

Well since you asked............ :lol: :lol: :lol: :smiley: :cowboy:

I personally would like to sincerely apologize for all of the poop jokes since I found out "Bear"s real name is Jonathon. So be it, hence forth, from now on, he will be known as Jonny "-on-the-spot, in the" Woods. There, I hope the sensitivity to name calling is alleviated for one and all.

Alleviate: to make (as symptoms) less severe or more bearable :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL!!!! Okay it is decreed..........In one corner it's officially......Jonny "-on the spot" or just Jonny Bear for short and in the other corner it's officially Johnny "Cupcakes" or the longer version "Johnny" the one and only "CUPCAKE"
Here are some pictures for any of the Als fans who frequent this forum and have a hard time with comprehension and might only understand pictures to figure things out in life. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, denial: the common refuge of the one guy in the room with troubling body odour. Somehow he can't smell it himself, and can't comprehend why everyone else keeps looking at him with disgust.

This thread brings the lol's ..

Garney26 is right, its too good to pass up. Id be a little disappointed if theres not atleast one sign with a poop reference at the game.

Actually I saw an article earlier in the season about Woods, His given name was Jonathan but he was always called Bear so in the past year he has legally changed his name to Bear because no one ever called him Jonathan!

So he intentionally changed his name to something which has obvious "poop" connotations? How intelligent is that? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Johnny Cupcakes, D&P;

This is our forum, The Hamilton Tiger Cats forum. This is our sacred ground! We will say whatever the f we want here. Surely, you can root for your own team on your own forum, or does it suck that much! I hope the Cats give your team a royal beating tomorrow! Sincerely a loyal Ticats fan :smiley:

Deleted double post, lol