"We're going to kick..."

I’m mad because at the last HTC weekly fan convention we nominated him to be our exclusive spokesman for every HTC fan anywhere in the universe and specifically voted "No"on whether or not to use nasty names on the internet.

Rest assured there is going to be some questions asked at the next meeting.

I like you D@P :slight_smile: you a funny guy,a little too serious sometimes,but a funny guy nonetheless :smiley: and just for the record twas not me who first brought up the poop on what Woodsy and Carter said and I for one never said that Als fans were immature,not exactly sure where ya got that one from. Oh well all kidding aside I hope that coach Higgins can find the team dressing room and his way to the field on Sunday so as you say him and the Als can lose to the Cats. :smiley: I know that you are cheering for the Cats this Sunday :roll: but from one Cat fan to another good luck to your Als on Sunday. Oh by the way I never realized that Yogi and Boo Boo had anything to do with poop jokes :slight_smile: and I also agree that this trash talking won't amount to anything at the end of the day,except to make Woods,Carter your coach and whoever else on the Als has been running their mouth look ridiculous and as you said and I quote "knock yourselves out" boys !!!! :smiley: :cowboy:
Anyways CHEERS from all us here in Ti-Cat.ca to everyone over in Als.ca See ya down at the THF on Sunday..should be a good one :thup: can't wait :thup: OSKI-WEE-WEE and a GO CATS GO to you all :rockin:

I just want a great physical football games that does not have any bad officiating decisions play in the outcome of the game.
May the most deserving team win.

Lighten up everybody! Bear "Pupinda" Woods has a nice ring to it. That is all.

Exactly :thup: :thup: If it's anything like the last EF here in "98" it should be a true classic.This game is between the two hottest teams in the league in the 2nd half of the season.When you consider that a one point this season that these teams were sitting at 1-7 and 1-6 respectively and both ended up where they are today,both should be commended and both truly deserve to be in the final four this season. :cowboy:

From The Globe & Mail ... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... e21569140/

Woods, whose given name is Jonathan, got his nickname from his grandfather, who once sat the toddler on a kitchen counter only to see him crawl up into a cabinet and figured the kid was agile as a bear cub. The name stuck.

"Deserving" is a subjective term. The team that scores more points will win... whether they deserve it or not!

Trash talk will just fuel the the Fire in our D , I just can't stand Montreal almost as much as an Argo fan! Tell you about why I feel that way , I was once on vacation at a Cuban Resort which was highly populated by French Canadians and there were two guys at the beach Bar I had a Ticat Baseball cap on and the two lovely gentlemen spoke only of course only French but they did point at my hat say the word Tigercat as they spoke their language and laughed ?! arrogant is an understatement for these players and fans The D and our fans the 13th Man will get rid of the trash on Sunday :rockin: :rockin:

Ok, poop jokes made on a fan forum are quite different than what professional football players say publically. Obviously us Hamilton fans are a little riled up over the Allouettes coach and player's comments. What we say on our own team's forum aside from any racial slurs is fair game.

[i]Make jokes and laugh all you want Kitty Cat fans. Make poop jokes about Bear Woods if you wish. But, fact is the Alouettes have the best linebacking corps in the CFL. Sure there is Wood, but also Chip Cox!

Not only will Bear Woods be all over your QB, but Collaros will have Cox in his face all day! That's right! The Als defence is sporting Woods and bringing Cox! Let's see how your team likes that! :stuck_out_tongue: [/i]

Johnny has no mental or emotional issues. But, Johnny has an issue with guys who act like Dr. Phil on the internets… :smiley:

My god you can read and write English when you want to?!

[i]Hey, Bear Woods takes big dumps. That's because he eats quarterbacks for breakfast! Gotta poop em out sometime. Anyways, if Collaros came face to face with the Bear, he would be the one shidding in his pants. Bear beats up Tiger cat all the time!
Here is scientific proof:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNK78cl2wto [/i]

and you empty space vacated by your LB core will be exploited by Gable, Madu, Banks, Sinkfield etc etc etc

The Birds of Prey will be flying in to Double Double Stadium to claim their second feline pelt en route to Vancouver. Yeah, trash talking, chest pounding can be fun for both players and fans, but the one thing I'm sure you'll agree, this will be the most physical and tenacious game either team has played all year. Great for fans of all stripes and feathers!

My bad I meant Grigsby :frowning:

Please,please don't hurt us Bear !!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Bear v. Grigsby.

Watch a replay of the game. Pay special attention to the play that starts with 12:20 of the second quarter showing on the TSN clock graphic. Bear and Grigs head to head in the A gap. Great.

I'll post a link to video of the play or the game if I can locate one.

Otherwise, enjoy.

Go back to your own fan site, we have no need for trolls over here. The Alouettes will once again be put in their place and lose, maybe they can all fly down south for some golfing next week. :smiley: I'm sure Johnny doesn't like this comment, maybe Johnny can stick to his own forum, Johnny won't like the result this Sunday :smiley: :thup:

lol, it's funny how you Montreal fans come here to troll. I guess that Montreal forum is completely boring. The Cats will be going to the Grey Cup for the second year in a row. :rockin: