"We're going to kick..."

I've been trying to do some digging on the origin of the quote that Grigsby tweeted. It's been erroneously attributed to J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans who tweeted the quote a couple of months back. As best I can figure, it originally came from Rory Vaden in his self-help book Take The Stairs from 2012.

LOL nope. I intend to be much worse than usual. :lol:

As for Carter, anyone who has "chillin" in their twitter handle doesn't even warrant a discussion :wink:

Them’s fighting words! :x Johnny is looking forward to seeing the Bear crush Collaros. :rockin:

Should we first allow them to find the dressing room and the football field, so that they’ll feel like they accomplished something???


Too bad for them that they blew their scoring load against BC (cleared out the pipes)…

Here ya go Higgins…Welcome to the visitors dressing room at THF :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tell yer team to follow the trail of bread crumbs directly to the field :stuck_out_tongue:

When ya see this,you’ll know you’re in the right location and you’ve found the field :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally speaking people who refer to themselves in the third person have issues. What are your issues, mental or emotional? :wink:

BTW where is your other Lark fan Disciplined and Punished? His absence on these boards speak volumes to me.

No issues here at all........"Johnny the one and only" is not referring to himself but to his one and only friend "the one the only"......."Johnny all Italics" :wink:Nope,no mental or emotional issues going on here :stuck_out_tongue:

He hasn't been absent; he's already posted that he expects a Hamilton victory:


Everyone knows that Johnny as usual is full of sh!t just like his buddy :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Pooh bear Woods!!!

I find it kind of hilarious that Cats fans are accusing Als players of being immature in the same breath as they make jokes about player names based on poop.

The Lions handed them that blowout!
I hope that everyone realizes, that with 5 min. remaining in the 2nd quarter that the score was 1-0.
MTL played well at home and absolutely deserved to win, but really, the Lions were horrendous.
Our Home field advantage will be a big difference maker.

Make no mistake, there is a large financial incentive
There is a big payday waiting for the winning team after this game on Sunday

Each player on both teams make $3600 for this game
So far each TiCats player receives $3400 for 1st place and then another $3600 for this game for a total of $7000

When we win this game and go to B.C. for the Grey Cup, there is a shot at another $16000 each for a total of $23000
( not including whatever extra bonuses a player has for a GC victory)

First Place Standing (Bye) - $3,400
Semi-Final Participation - $3,400
Division Championship Participation - $3,600
Grey Cup Runner-up - $8,000
Grey Cup Winner - $16,000

Nobody said fans had to be mature. Part of the fun of being a fan is making fun of the enemy. I quite enjoy that. Being a PROFESSIONAL athlete who has access to the media means you should try to use good judgment and avoid saying things that may hurt your team or your image.

The Alouettes new logo after the East final :smiley: :thup:


On behalf of TigerCats.ca I apologize for the above derogatory term


I've never cared for the smack talk. Just wastes energy. Save it for the field which is where it needs to be laid out.
More importantly, I am both excited & nervous for the game this week. Reasons being a similar 9-9 record meaning it's anyones game from either .500 club. Home field for one week means only 50% of the balance of seasons equation at this point.
The easy questions:
Yes we've won at home / undeated at home or THF.
Yes we have the fan effect of the 13th man.
The hard questions:
Can the Cats win the next 2 games?
Can the Cats win "away"?
Can the Cats be MORE consistant then they have in the last 4 weeks?
Can the Cats beat Cgy or the Esks?

....I'm just not sure based on this season....but excited to see.


Re Carter's trash talk...

Pretty cocky and arrogant for someone who should have had his 1st half TD disallowed in the last game for offensive pass interference. It was an obvious push off (even a hands-to-the-face penalty?) as he pushed off and bashed the BC DB in the face as he created separation on his break in order to get open.

Funny how Tasker was penalized for a similar (but not as "violent") push off at the goal line in the final season game vs the Als. At least the officials are consistent in their inconsistency :roll:

Hope Carter's arrogance comes back to bite him big time.

And Cats win big time ! :smiley:

LMFAO!!!! Who the Hell names their kid Bear in the first place ? As for Mr. Immaturity aka that SON OF A..............Hall of Famer :roll: I sincerely hope that he enjoys his LAST game as an Alouette. :thup: :stuck_out_tongue: Personally I find it kind of hilarious that an Als fan has to comment on our site about how he thinks that Cat fans are allegedly accusing Als players of being immature and in the same breath accusing us Cats fans of making poop jokes about his team. :slight_smile:

You can say whatever you want. But someone apparently disgusted at the so-called immaturity of Als fans shouldn't really turn around and start making poop jokes based on player names. It undermines your credibility.

But really, I don't care what names are used (unless they're ethnic slurs, which have no place here). Go ahead and knock yourselves out. Just know that you appear both ridiculous and hypocritical to fans of other teams.

For the record, I don't think any of this trash-talking means much at the end of the day. I still think Hamilton will win.