We're going nowhere with this o-line

We could not stop the four man rush all game long. Losing Bomben was as almost as big a loss as Collaros. O-Neil got run over a few times today and Dyakowski didn't look much better. It's just so hard to watch!

Quick release and mobility from your QB...we ain't got it and with the o line in the shape its in I gotta agree...we're going nowhere.

There was one play in particular were all five olineman were still on the LOS while all four dlineman were sacking JM.

I won't say we are going no where with these guys but it was hard to watch

QB holding the ball too long.
No pocket presence.
No escapability...is that even a word?
No threat to run all add up to an impossible task for an injury depleted OLine

On many of the sacks Mathews had anywhere from 4 to 8 seconds to release the ball. That much time is an eternity for experienced QBs like Ricky Ray. The O-Line can only protect for so long. Also on many of those sacks there were wide open recievers that Mathews didn’t see.

doesn’t help we don’t run the ball and our qb has tunnel vision too,but yea oline hasn’t gelled too many injuries too

I saw the same thing - wide open receivers on few plays. It's a bit of a vicious circle - QB can't make reads or zeroes in on one receiver and then if he's not open - look out!

Yes there is a problem with the line which also points at the lack of coaching skills from the Offense Coach...who reports to Austin....well he'll likely will be gone and we have seen the last of Mathews....bring on Harris...he looks interesting.