We're Finished :(

now that MTL lost we r now done and are playing for pride, booh to th4e als for such poor play! you guys blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marcus brady fumble, rediculas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid stupid stupid! even with a record as bad as ours is we are twice the team you'l ever be this year

I don't believe that's official just yet - according to the mathematics.

It's sure not looking too good - that's for sure.

I believe the magic number may now be '1'.

I wish the Allwets would have played like that against us. :thdn:

They did and we still lost

It wouldnt have helped because back then we couldnt beat the Burlington Boys Beach Band. :wink:

It wouldnt have helped because back then we couldnt have beat the Burlington Boys Beach Band.

I think u meant girl’s band.lol.

Ummm if i remember correctly we lost on a last play field goal that was due to a controversial penalty to get them in range .

so what do we have to hope for, so we can make playoffs??

I believe, if Winnipeg wins one more game, … OR … Hamilton loses one more game (either way) - THEN … “We’re Done”.

Hamilton loses one …no matter what Winnipeg does … “We’re Done”.

Winnipeg wins one more - no matter what Hamilton does … “We’re Done”.

(It’s a “1 & 1” scenario) … any combination, adding up to two … as you said … “We’re Done.”

Start hoping!! (mostly for next year though)

what if we were to win against bc and the peg looses there next game?

T-Lew has it correct.


The most wins we can get is 7, which is what Winnipeg (and Mtl. and Tor. for that matter) has right now.
So we would have to win all our games and Winnipeg lose all theirs to tie them. If that happenned we would win the season series with them and therefore get the tiebreaker.

Its too bad that we dont have any other tiebreakers, because i expect one of those three teams to fall completely off the map.

yeah... sigh....

winning some games earlier in the year might have helped a bit with that.......

The game in Calgary where Boreham choked and the defense went to sleep on the last drive is looming very large now.

Give it a Rest :roll: Sure we will blame the season on one play...one person. The same person that is dependant on a good snap, a good hold. :roll: Right now he has scored the most points!

I might suggest we look at the other 10 games we lost and perhaps our "O" for not scoring enough points! Maybe just one more touchdown would have won us the season?

Not blaming the season on that at all. The season was lost by Labour day.
But if the Cats sneaking into the playoffs is just a couple of points short one could point to that game as the difference since it was the only game the Cats had in the bag, if only a routine FG was made.

Anyone that pretends they dont think of the "What If's" of this season is obviously lying.

I noticed Zontar blamed about 13 people for that one game, not just one. The entire Defence AND Jamie Boreham cost us that game in Calgary... so yes, he has a good point.

So to him i dont say "Give it a rest" i say "Man, i hear ya... one play here or there and we'd be in" but its a good thing as i said yesterday, we got the wholesale changes this team needed and woll only be getting more.

It might have saved Kollege Koach his job too... then we wouldnt be getting an experienced head coach next season.

Paopao too. Marshall might have even scammed a contract extension.