We're Done

.....The inevitable is upon us.....Where do we pick in the 2013 draft??? Looks like a very high pick depending on Ottawa i guess.....Horrible year, that needs to see some BIG changes ...Quarterbacking being the No 1 priority...Not impressed with Crowton and IF the off-season manouvers by management aren't improved immensely, we'll see some changes there...Runours are Mack is going to get canned...If that's the case we better be gm hunting NOW.... :roll: What an embarassing year after a Cup appearance, tough to watch :thdn: :thdn: :oops:

Ottawa won't change anything. They pick ninth and can only draft red shirts. Winnipeg will pick 1 or 2. Hopefuly your GM whoever it is takes an Olinesman...

Sorry, but I don't want an olineman with the 1st or 2nd pick. I'd like another atring canadian on Defence. I still hate that Wally steal last year.

.....I agree on the d lineman ....would be nice to have a valuable canuck in that position....Penser ( great potential) has had his shoulder cleaned-up and should come into camp healthy next year....Along with our other ni guys on the o line, who will have another year under their belt, we should be in pretty good shape...IF the d line players look weak in the draft, then the next logical progression would be an o lineman....Long way off BUT having the no 1 pick overall will be something to look forward to, after this disaster in 2012. :roll:

Well there are quite a few to pick from.

Speaking of done, anyone else catch this one in the Free Press?

Washington's fumble was his eighth of the season (Winnipeg failed to recover five of them) and officially ended his career as a Bombers kick returner. Burke replaced Washington as a kick/punt returner during the game and said afterwards that Washington will never again return a kick of any kind for the Bombers.

Also done, done for the year that is, are Watson and Hall. Kohlert is dinged up too apparently so Etienne could factor into some more game time to finish out the year. Poblah is still day to day. If both can't go vs toronto our NI receiver depth falls to Etienne and Doneff?

Ya, I heard Burke mention that on the post game show. (Washington). It’s too bad, but he’s obviously struggling there. Give him another shot at it next year.
That really sucks if Hall & Watson are out for the year. Now that Jade has a ctach under his belt, will he go over 100 next week? :stuck_out_tongue:

HFXTC - quite a few Dlinemen or Oline man in the next draft? Hopefully Dlinemen.

Dlinesmen...Its the year of the defensive linesmen.

Its a bit much to ask a rookie to start as a DB and return all kicks...Those are the kind of statements that get a coach in trouble.

We're finishing like we started, with half the team on the IR.

According to tweets by Bob Irving and others, Poblah was practicing today and apparently is going to be lining up at slotback. Edwards was wearing a walking boot today but he is still expected to play. Washington was at the SAM LB position with JJ back at CB in practice today. Buck has been cleared to practice and took half the first team reps with Elliott getting the other half. And there's no word yet on how close Buck is to be being cleared to play.

I like that move. JJ has been beaten too many times at SAM. IMO Washington is the fastest player on the team, that speed will be useful. Plus I'd like to see him on the field more - sure he's struggled holding onto punts, but he played real well when he got on the field defensively. I think we've all been waiting to see Poblah at SB.

I think both those moves are just to get them through the season. Washington isn’t physical enough for the position and Poblah legs get weak the second he catches the ball. Smart move by Burke not to force JJ to play a position he does not like but he better be lights out and show something before the end of the season because no team is going to want to carry his contract the way he’s been playing so far this season.

While WAshington isn't the most aggressive guy out there, he's not a weakling either. He's made some big hits this year, and I'd say he's more physical than JJ. There wil be mistakes made for sure, he's a rookie after all. I'm just looking forward to seeing him on the feild more. As far as Poblah, I don't think I've seen enough of him to claim he's weak in the legs - and I've watched every game. Many of us have been saying he would be a good fit there - he does have the size to play in traffic.

This is a good time for both Poblah & Etienne to step up and make some plays. Both have had high hopes, and have been relative disappointments so far. Time to show us what you got boys :thup:

I think that's the point. Its important for Burke to know where these two guys are at in their development. Washington is an interesting situation because if there is a position where the Bombers can make a trade to improve other areas of their roster it is likely a DB. I like Washington a lot. I know he's had problems hanging on to the ball but that can be fixed. Look at Owens...

Here is a profile on one of the top Defensive linesmen prospects for the upcoming draft.


....Two talented D Linemen available in the draft actually....I like the looks of Stefan Charles....you might want to have a gander at this guy...Gaydosh looks like a nice prospect as well... :wink:

Apparantly Charles is being heavily scouted by the NFL.

.....Yes...taking a risk drafting this guy BUT you just never know, Gaydosh might have someone come calling as well... :roll: