Were done.. to bad for hamilton fans.

Face it guys, we have no chance if we keep playing like this. It kinda sucks cause if BC was out, I wanted Hamilton to win, Hamilton deserves the grey cup, last year horrible season, this year a good season. They fought hard, they deserved it, Its unfortunate we had to play against each other. If I knew we were going to play like this against MTL, I would of wanted Hamilton to beat BC. But im still a lions fan, dont worry.

Thanks dude. Yeah, you guys ended a storybook season, and for this? (sigh) It's not your fault you beat Hamilton, though. Printers played a whale of a game and deserved full marks for the victory. Hamilton's got nobody to blame but the mirror. You're only down 21 with a whole half to go. I've seen stranger things in the CFL.

read the post on your forum.

Yeah, the crossover is a shame. I said it from the start BC didn't deserve to be there, but as a fan Ill cheer them on. Now that they didn't show up, I can say that the league dodged a bullet. It would have been silly to see BC in the Grey Cup representing the east.

I hope the Stumps destroy regina, and in turn get **** by Montreal next week. That would be great. They are the best team in the CFL, I shouldnt have doubted them.

Those were some very nice things to say, Geroy I'm sure your words will be well received and appreciated by the Cats fans on that board. I always felt that if we had to lose to anybody I would be most comfortable with losing to a team with my favorite coach. Anyway, whoever comes out of the West will get demolished by the Als. This year it's no contest.

Now who do I root for if the Lions don’t win. I hate Montreal and can’t stand Calgary or Saskatchewan. At least I hope they have a good halftime show at the Grey Cup, lol.

What...you toned it down :stuck_out_tongue: I kid!

Yeah, but it was great seeing the Hammer back in the playoffs. I think that team has a really good future, pretty young team that had flashes of brilliance :thup:

It's difficult to understand how Montreal was able to dominate the Lions like this considering B.C. was one of the few teams that beat Montreal [almost twice] and kept the games close. Had Mallet not played injured it might have helped in the running game and helped the Lions put more points on the board.

The O line was porous today and it would not have mattered who was playing QB, if was going to be a passing play the QB was destined to eat some turf. But it was not the O line that allowed 56 points against. Me thinks some serious changes are going to have to be made for next season.

I was hoping for a closer game. It wasn't meant to be. But I was not expecting an annihilation. This game was reminiscent of the Calgary/Lions game in B.C. place early in the season. Calgary racked up over 40 points and it was still in the 3rd quarter with 3 minutes still remaining. It was brutal. But full credit to the Als. They dominated the Lions and showed why they earned 30 of a possible 36 points during the season and are the best in the CFL. But can they take it to the house when they are in Calgary and make it a near perfect season? They believe so and maybe that is all they need.

ROTF....that is too funny. Green is my favorite color but then I like red jelly beans so I'm hoping Calgary gets into the Grey Cup again. Why? Because the Grey Cup is being played there and it would be great for the home fans to see their own team in the Grey Cup. But the real reason I want to see Saskatchewan lose in the Western Final is because my brother lives in Saskatchewan and I don't like him.

is your brother a big rider fan?

Nah...I just don't like him lol


It'll be even greater when it's BC and Hamilton in the Grey Cup next season. I hope Printers is playing next year. We want another poke at him! :lol:

oh, he will be playing,