Were did the running game go?

Part of the reason the passing game dried up in the second half was from a lack of rushing attempts.

Lumsden was efficient in the first half ripping off a couple of runs on the TD drive, and was hardly used from that drive onward.

Was Paopao back calling plays??

I think if you're gonna call the same play on almost every 1st and 10 play, you better have some damn good blocking....Passing and running ain't gonna work w/o good blocking....something that we very sorely lack.

What running game? we had two runs for 10 or more yards and the rest were all negative yardage and no gains. we need consistent 4 to 5 yard gains to make running worth while. everytime we got the ball we were 2nd and long. unacceptable. blame should be evenly distributed between rb ol and coach. didnt ranek run for 150 against this team? so it is possible. also the fact that we were trailing may have changed the coaches philosophy.

14 Ti Cat rushes Sunday
67 yards gained
Almost 5 yards a russhing attempt.

How can you establish a running game off 14 carries?
Passing game stunk.
Lets give Lumsden 20 carries to see what we have in a RB

You wonder what our beloved Cats were doing for two weeks.

It's the same problem we've had all year... the Ti-Cats cannot adapt during the game. Yeah, 28 ran for a few good bursts, but when the other team starts chatting about what can be done about it, and they come up with something, it's up to the coaches and players to advance the Ti-Cats' strategies.

But those 67 yards were almost entirely gained on 2 runs by Lumsden in the first quarter and one by Williams. The other 11 carries went for nada. How many times can you bang your head against a wall?

There are two things that you need to win a football game: Blocking and desire. Blocking is the core fundamental, without which there can be no victory. You saw that today. Lumsden had to break a zillion tackles in the backfield to even get positive yardage. It's all in the blocking. Hell, even Ranek can run all over these guys when the O-Line gives him some space to run through.

jesse can get the yards providing:

A)he gets 20+ carries
B)the o-line actually blocks, what a NOVEL idea!

Marshall, for whatever reason, wasnt capable of adapting in game. And Lancaster (in my opinion) is going through the motions.

The commentators questioned the playcalling (I hate agreeing with Leif and Rod). Even Eakin (why was he interviewed at the half anyway?) seemed to question the play calling.

Speaking of halftime interviews...Barry's interview was hilarious!